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  • lean

    #8 630 miles for three weeks at a time. my bf works on a rig in MT.

  • Victoria Lane

    My Girlfriend and I are 1,358 miles apart

    • Victoria

      Iowa to Orlando

  • Jennybean

    #8 2010 km between me and my best friend

  • katmz

    #8 My dad and brother, so far away in La Serena. San Francisco – La Serena: 5727 miles.

  • Simone

    #8 120 miles from where I am at school in New Paltz to where my boyfriend lives in Lindenhurst, Long Island. Not as far as some other people have answered… but we're still apart most of the time.

  • Carley

    #8 2,559 miles between my boyfriend and I. I am currently in Orlando, FL, he is in LA and he just left from visiting me for the last week, which makes the distance feel even farther.

  • Jen

    #8 Not long at all, only 66 miles from Madison to Milwaukee. Sometimes it seems like forever, but my heart goes out to all these people who have their loved ones such substantial distances away, it must be so rewarding when you're reunited!!!

  • Wendy

    10527 miles between me and my best friend. Canberra, Australia to Edinborough, Scotland

  • Kara

    #8 – 5 miles but feels like a thousand!

    • Uh?

      If you walk…

  • caligirl14

    #8: 1,453 miles from my boyfriend. He's in San Diego going to school and I'm in Texas going to school. Can't wait to graduate in two years and move back to marry him!

  • cploveli21

    #8 I am 6,541 miles from my Grandma and 7,073 miles from my Grandpa
    But in a couple of weeks I'm heading downunder to spend time with them and will be that far away from all my friends and parents.
    Good luck!

  • Estelle

    9566.69 km between me in Montpellier ,France and my mum i love so much in Shanghai, China

  • Elisabeth

    #8 Delft – Helsinki 1557.5 KM or 968 miles. I study in Helsinki, Finland and my boyfriend of 4 years studies in Delft, the Netherlands.

  • Ashley

    #8 738 miles between me and my mom.

  • Stef

    #8 My boyfriend & I are 350 miles away, from San Luis Obispo, CA to Grass Valley, CA. It has been very hard to be so far away from each other, but I am moving to Grass Valley in December. I am so excited!

  • Mirjam

    6296.38 miles, Germany to the US, me and my boyfriend. (soon to have our 3 year anniversary) <3

  • Linzee

    #37 is fantastic! What creative parents!

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