• Samantha Kristal

    That was so awesome, it got me all teary at work haha darn it!

  • temujin1234
  • hi mom

    damn she's hot

  • Candy

    Not that this isn't adorable and awesome, but…"flying an airplane? Now would be a great time to take a picture!"
    Still, one of the cutest engagement I've seen.

    • s609

      It's called autopilot.

  • Cassy

    Congrats to this ridiculously photogenic couple!

  • Annonymouse

    Am I the only one who would have told him to land the plane and get the hell out of my life? Not cool man, not cool.

  • buttercup78

    This is not adorable. Any many who would make you believe you are about to die before proposing marriage is clearly a controlling a-hole.

    • s609

      Yes, because she clearly took it that way. He obviously knows her well enough to know she'd stay calm and enjoy the gesture. Also, he didn't make it seem like they were def going to crash. There was a checklist procedure where she thought they could get through it if they stayed calm and followed it.

  • kait

    Saw this on YouTube the other night.. Actually had my bf next to me when I did.. I was laughing so hard but yet crying.. Lol.. I'm so emotionally sentimental.. I give him so much credit because that was awesome!

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  • Ramadhanie

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