Taylor Swift talks fame and money (6 photos)

Taylor Swift had a cover shoot and interview for the November 2012 issue of Glamour UK. Check out some interview highlights below!

GLAMOUR: Are you wary of people using you for your fame and money?

TS: I think you can tell who's a good person to be around, who makes you laugh, who's fun, whom you can trust. And, yes, you're going to get burned a few times, but I'd really rather get burned a few times than sit alone in that house with the curtains drawn. So God forbid this person you're hanging out with gets a bit of validation out of the fact you're famous. Is that the worst-case scenario? You know, it doesn't seem that bad.

GLAMOUR: I know you have many close girlfriends. Are they helpful in keeping your worries in check?

TS: They are so important in my life right now. I'm the kind of girl who needs to tell her friends everything. I've developed this really close-knit group of girls. Two of my close friends are bandmates. My other close friends are Ashley, Claire, Diana, Emma, and Selena.

GLAMOUR: Emma is Emma Stone, and Selena is Selena Gomez. Is it nice to have friends who are also famous?

TS: I met Emma when I was 17, and I met Selena when I was 18. So they've experienced all of this with me, and they've also experienced their own amazing success, and somehow through all of it, we've stayed close.

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