• TheFrontier

    #19 #20 I know it's October, but Halloween isn't for a few more weeks so be a sport and take off the mask. You're scaring the children. Come on… take off the mask…

  • trey

    Most guys will choose a girl with great natural pale skin over an orange or sun damaged girl. Tans are gross!

    • ToClarify

      Tans aren't gross. Overly done tans are.

      • djstout17

        This is true.

  • Bri

    #4 #5 #14 #1 #2 All look good to me

  • Bee


  • Kat

    You should have used this picture of #19 instead: http://us.acidcow.com/pics/20110811/facebook_13.j

  • Anonymous

    #19 Aaaahhh!! Nightmares for life!! I bet you she constantly tips over with those boobs!

  • http://www.vido24.com Antonio

    Nice. I like it ; ) Please more😉

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #1 She is freaking gorgeous without a fake tan. Why do women put themselves through so much bs? Natural is better. A little eye liner is cool but I mean come on… this is getting rediculous. Most of these women are beautiful but end up making themselves look like a freaking carrot, not cute.

  • Lola

    Cheetos…cheetos everywhere.

  • Vieve

    #17 I died – Natalie Portman is so funny in that movie! and #22…so good. Kristen Wiig rules.

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