• Sarah

    When did the skinny leg become the go-to hot clothes on hot guy look? Last time I checked, the kids wearing those jeans were also wearing dark eye liner and piercing everything… and they got made fun of for it.

    • Dustin

      There is a big difference between a well fit pair of pants and "skinny jeans" that are skin tight. All the jeans and pants here are well fit. Baggy looks sloppy.

    • maxwell

      yeah Dustin is right, if ou can not recognize the difference, then this probably isn't the gallery for you to be checking out.

      • DRD

        If people can't tell the difference, the emperor has no clothes.

  • temujin1234
  • Hazel

    #18 Oh COME ON – now you're just messing with us aren't you?

    • maxwell

      tailgates in the south, this is how we operate

    • JESSE

      you really need to be banned from viewing this post

  • chelsea_dagger

    #12 – Just somethin' about rolled up sleeves… but would it kill ya to smile?
    #28 and #30 – Yes, please.

  • TommyB

    #19 I love the double-breasted vest! Wish they were more available!

  • Marie

    #2 and #6
    Hells yeah!!

    • Amanda

      My two favorites of this post!

  • dreagee

    #14 it looks like his zipper is down. I felt awkward staring but it might just be the way the pants are haha

  • Ashley*Diane

    #22 AND #24 My oh my. Why can't my boyfriend wear this?!?

  • BritBerrier

    #28 ooooft

  • misty

    #3 is cute

  • TheTamara

    #30 i'm having inappropriate thoughts about bradley cooper at work right now…

    • googleberry

      they can't control your mind, thank goodness. 😀

      • JessieBelle

        dem eyes.❤

  • Mike Ho.

    <img src="http://www.newautoquote.us/frees/f2.jpg"/&gt; #3 i wouldn't want to see an adult wearing kid sized clothes though.<img src="http://www.newautoquote.us/nify/f4.jpg"/&gt;

  • Perspicacity

    #23 No. N-O. Is this a joke?

  • Sally

    I just want a boyfriend hahaha

  • in1ear&outurmother

    #2 i want this grey sweater in a Large… Work your magic Googleberry…Please don't let me down…

    • googleberry

      This picture is from 2010. So… I'll look a bit more right now, but doubtful it's still available even if I can find a source. I'll also look for a similar.

    • googleberry

      I found a couple of them that were similar, but out of stock. Found this, but I think it has elbow patches. A bit longer than the one in the picture…

    • googleberry

      Here's a DKNY NWT (new with tags) on ebay. It has the v-neck and banding just like the picture. The difference is that there is a dark trim on the button edge and it goes around the neckline. In large, $69.50. $6.55 shipping.

    • googleberry

      This may be too light, but it is closer style-wise. New on ebay. Select large (US) in light grey to see what it looks like. The one in the picture here is such a classic style. Do love.

    • googleberry

      This looks a bit darker than the last and closest to the picture here. In L (US) on ebay but be sure to check the sizing. I'm done looking now. I hope you found one you like.😀

  • in1ear&outurmother

    Thanks… Ironically I like b/c it looks like a John Varvatos sweater that I wanted but still cant find… =^( GRRR!!!

  • in1ear&outurmother

    Awesome… Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!! =^)

    • googleberry


  • rocklesson86

    Love some of the clothes.

  • DRD

    For the love of all that's good and decent, STOP ROLLING YOUR PANT LEGS UP! You look like Ronald McDonald.

  • Helena

    I'm into metal- and rocker guys, so I didn't like any of those pics..😛

  • Yolo

    Stuff I wish my girlfriend would wear: An Apron.

  • Jany

    #10, #19 and #27❤

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