Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (60 photos)

TGIF because HMOTB! Thanks for sending these gems our way. Shout out to those creative fellas in the mix. Keep your eyes peeled for Hot Men of theBERRY in MC, BB and DM.
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan & Alex

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  • Hope

    #19 AMAZING smile and nice Tats! Would you do me the kindness of giving me a name?

    • Steven

      Thank you

  • xoxoxo

    #34 looks so much like Bob Soven! You are very cute:)

  • rocklesson86

    I have been a very naughty girl and need one of these men to teach me a lesson.

  • Anonymous

    Oh herro #39

  • scchivette

    Oh herroooooo #39

  • Kali

    #4 MOAR!!! Gotta love the country boy!😀

  • sdwq

    Fuck breast cancer awareness. Its such a scam of a charity

  • Duff Girl

    I love HMOTB please don't stop!!!!!

  • Becki

    ZERO hotness in this post. Epic Fail.

  • @RubyRooRemix

    #42 I would make you a sammich any time

  • Juliet

    27 is a 10

    Redhead lover

  • Nola

    Number 15! MOAR plz!

  • Marlies

    #14, Got to love the lady in the back. Who can blame her?

  • Shaffette69

    Lotta good one's here. The awkward moment where u r scrolling through and then realize OMG that's my ex. LOL ! Who can relate 2 me ?

    • Der'

      I don't think we ever dated. – # 31

    • SkofeALofe

      haha my ex-gf was the one that messaged me to say I was on HMOTB

  • kaitlyn

    #10 #12 #21 #23 #33 #45 #47

    Forget the normal 'sandwich' a girl offers to make for you.
    As a woman, I would cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    for you every damn day.

  • alexis

    thank you to the berry you made my day #45 # 23 #21 #52

  • Kitty

    #21 Will you Marry me? LOL!!!

  • Justagirl

    #45 That is all

  • cupck309

    FRIIICCKKKKIIINNNNN AAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #52 yes yes yes!!!!! #49 HAWT.COM

  • @undefined

    #30 Arms > Abs any day, but both is even better. The one on the right… damn.

  • Amy

    #52 should be a poster


    Chivers Pay Back Their Chivettes: Hot Men of theBERRY! : theBERRY

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