• Jayetheb

    Thank you for ruining my sleep tonight….

    • Roxy

      Lol I was thinking the same thing

  • googleberry

    Holy CRAP!

  • temujin1234
  • leslie

    Old pictures are just plain creepy to begin with! Add the costumes and I'm never sleeping.

  • zillyzallie

    Wow, they really weren't effing around with costumes back in the day, were they?

  • ale

    Halloween was really scary…

  • Mary

    OMG where did those pics come from? Nightmare time!

  • Katelin


  • kirinjirafa

    wow these are really creepy

  • Mel

    That's our Mystery misc. for today. Well played, Berry. Well played.

  • surlymermaid

    Love it!

  • Gryffindor

    Thank you. I will now have nightmares for the rest of my life.

  • Furdurp

    Why do they all look like they are melting? This is just CREEPY

  • dreagee

    before all costumes had to have the word sexy at the beginning

  • berrylovah

    Sweet dreams, berries. Sweet, horror filled dreams.

  • karen

    Disturbing, would not be opening the door for those trick or treaters!

  • Hawaiimaui

    Thank you for the nightmares I'll be having tonight. Again, thanks! A LOT!

  • Tara

    #20 Strangers!

  • BonaBonita

    I totally agree with dreeagree!! Those were the real costumes, now everybody is just slutty.

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