• temujin1234

    #9 Maybe it would be a nice opportunity to act like an adult by paying your bills and show your appreciation to them for saving your life.

    • Kat

      Well you see in Canada there's this great thing we have called Health Insurance. The government actually covers almost any medical bill deemed necessary to maintain a certain quality of life….now if this loser called an ambulance and the emergency services deemed he/she didn't require an ambulance because a life wasn't in danger…they will charge your ass because you are taking the time and money from the government when they could be rescuing someone else who's life is actually in danger…it's a great concept and frankly it is fundamentally the equivalent of Obamacare…God knows why you Americans haven't jumped on this boat yet

      • JESSE

        Well you see in America we have this thing called fee-for-service healthcare. For now at least a very small majority of the country understands that there is no free lunch… Government money is not actually free money because it is funded by people who are forced to pay into the system… Because government is not actually some isolated island of goodwill that 'gives away' anything. Its really more like a shitty and corrupt sieve that takes from people who work to earn a living and gives to individuals unwilling to work… that isn't to say that there aren't people simply incapable of working but the Wall Street Journal published an article about 2 weeks ago saying that 43,000,000 "Americans" were receiving government payouts. That is greater than 1 in 7 people living off the work of the other 6. That is almost 133% the population of Canada who aren't capable of finding work. And to claim that you know anything about Obamacare is a blatant lie because almost no one knows what is in the 2,000+ page bill, even the people who passed it. God knows why a Canadian is making judgments about something she doesn't understand.

        • JESSE

          and to clarify: when I say "aren't capable of finding work," I am being facetious.

          • MAGRUBER

            Wow…it would be a waste of my time to try and explain why what you spewed was invalid…so I'll just pass and blame it on the fact that you live under a rock…one in New York City since your Bible is the Wall Street Journal

            • JESSE

              Thank you for countering my argument with facts. I'll put the facts that you have given in my database of logical, well-reasoned emotional drivel. Also I don't live anywhere New York, nor am I involved in financial markets. I choose to subscribe to a news source that doesn't try to tell me how to live my life like Time, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, the LA Times, Newsweek, the Nation, Reuters, most of the Associated press… As soon as you own a business and understand the value and jeopardy of putting your livelihood on the line you are welcome to tell me exactly how much you think I owe everyone else. Until that day, enjoy your government job which offers more in benefits than a comparable free market position can afford, and by the way, is actually paying for that 40 hour per week dream cruise about which you will forever bitch.

      • Neztra

        Socialized health care has not been proven to work yet. It creates delays in treatment, an over taxed population and a poorly managed health system. We see it all over the world in countries with socialized healthcare. I am not saying that it can't work, just that it is not a cure all response to private health care system that so many people think it is. So, be nice.

        • DRD

          There are several different types of socialized health care, and each has its own strengths & weaknesses. Don't assume everything is like Canada's.

          However, it is true that all instances of the 'welfare state' are not sustainable.

        • lease

          I live in New Zealand, we have a pretty socialized healthcare system that works great! And that's coming from a poor yet employed 23 year old. My friend in America has to pay $1000 for going to the hospital for a concussion (with insurance). My highest medical bill so far has been a $4 prescription…

    • Hollywood22

      I once incurred a $1200 charge for an ambulance ride. I should be appreciative of that? I was fine, just a car accident and was advised to get in the ambulance by the paramedics. I'm grateful that, had something been wrong with me, they would have provided a quick trip to the hospital, but fees like this are what give the American health system a bad reputation.

      • DRD

        Those fees are so high because too many people don't pay, sue, or working with insurance is too difficult & costly. I know of cases where an x-ray costs 5x as much if you go through insurance than if you pay cash.

        Lack of transparency of medical costs *before* receiving care is a fundamental problem that needs to be fixed. However, we don't have to overhaul everything to fix it.


    #11every time i meet a girl with an eating disorder i send them a photo of terri schiavo. Praise, sympathy, and condemnation don't work and no one listens anyway.

    • llmmpp109

      Maybe that's because eating disorders are ILLNESSES that can't be cured by looking at a picture.

    • torontobackgroundgirl

      Terri Schiavo didn't even have anorexia. They thought she did but an autopsy showed that it wasn't actually the case. Check your facts first. Telling someone you care and are worried about their health is the best thing you can do for someone with an ED, not showing them a photo.

      • JESSE

        the point I was trying to make was that women who volunteer the information that they have an eating disorder (which by the way I can't actually figure out why they choose to tell ME this information,) don't actually listen to me when I give them my goodwill. It doesn't matter what I say to try and reassure these women, they don't listen to my praise. My point, though obviously unclear, was that words are hollow, and sometimes imagery is the best method of conveying the message. As to the Schiavo case, 1 physician concluded that the cause of the initial collapse was unclear: the coroner. This coroner also conducted his autopsy 15 years after her initial collapse, plenty of time for her physiological state to return to optimum level (minus of course cognitive function) with the help of controlled feeding schedule. The evidence he was looking for would be in her skeletal system, but bones completely remodel themselves roughly every 7 years.

        • Guest

          Perhaps when you talk to individuals with eating disorders, you present yourself in a manner that indicates you are judging them rather that genuinely concerned about what they are going through.

          That's seems to be how you presented yourself here.

  • Na Me

    #12 I would respect if that person learns to write with proper letters.

    • [Insert witty name]

      The Corps isnt wait it use to be…..

  • waitingfordeluxe

    #1 You are not alone as I do this often. Everyone must think I don't get enough sleep:)

  • Chubby

    #8 maybe you got the wrong surgery:)

  • Sade


  • Alicia

    #12 They tried to do the same thing to my cousin after his two combat tours. He had had enough and wanted out and i don't blame him one bit!

    • [Insert witty name]

      My loving boyfriend also had 2 tours, and its a miracle that he's here with me today, but the Corps isnt what it use to be, glad he talked me out of joining.

  • kait

    #1 I pretend I'm on my cellphone having a conversation.. Little do they know I'm just taking to myself lol

  • justlilolme

    the point of post secrets is not to be judged. OBVIOUSLY people know they should be ashamed of some of these secrets…and that's the reason why the concept of Post Secrets exists. Your two cents to shame someone is NOT NEEDED

    • Nichole

      Nicely said:-)

    • UWANK


  • socalmarti

    #5 and #6 It's little things like this that give me ho,strength, and courage to do the right things everyday even when I feel like being a total ass hole.

    • socalmarti

      *hope not ho LOL!:)

  • Lindsey

    #12 …..They are trying to do that to my fiance right now. The things he has been though. Hes been in Iraq and Afghanistan. The pain he goes through every day, loss of hearing from the gun fire, the weight he carries on his back gave him scoliosis and, his knees… and not to mention his mind. All of this by the age of 23. USMC, you really do make people sign there life away.

    • likewood

      That's what they signed up for. Don't like it, don't sign. Be informed before you sign something. ciao bella

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #12 fuk the gub'ment!

    • walgatorblowwws

      same to you. lol

      • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

        : ( ouch

  • Suggie

    #1 don't forget rushing down the corridor pretending to want to catch up with someone ahead of you; searching for something in a file, and going into the loo even if you don't need to!

    #8 well, maybe you now have a shitty foot?! B)

  • Mel

    #12 Don't blame the Marine Corps, blame the Marines as individuals and "leadership" that were doing the actions. I can guarantee if that was reported more often retards wouldn't get away with that behavior.

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