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  • Sam

    #40 #51

    Where are her eyes at o_O Seriously, though this is awesome! And 51 still makes me lol everytime!

    • Kychaffin

      the bottom lashes are where her eye lashes are. She has them shut.

  • Catman

    KCCO Adrienne. And we want to see more of Alex. The Chivers.

  • svp

    #51 watched that for way too long lol

  • nikki

    996 miles (NY to florida)
    9935 miles (NY to australia)
    2553.7 miles (NY to gudalajara)

  • Kseniya

    #7 whoever screwed you over is so dumb because you are gorgeous… Keep your head YUMMMMM<3

  • Sarah

    #38 4,061 miles from Burbach, Germany (Spangdahlem AB) to Richmond, Va. Closer than we were for the last 3 years in Italy at 4,434 miles!

    • Sarah

      That would be Spangdahlem AB

  • That's mee!

    #38 38 miles but might as well me 38000 since we are secretly in love but can't be together :( 670+ miles from my family that I miss everyday!!

  • Koalaktp

    I've been to #12! It's in Wolfville, Nova Scotia! Great little pub!

  • Linda

    #38 "just" 2700 km in real but what means the exact distance if you cannot close your arms around the loved person? So everybody's counting the days to next meeting, I wish for all of you that it will be soon! ;)

  • abcdefg


    6100 miles away from the only guy i've ever loved

  • Kat

    to Stephanie 9990km

  • Tizz

    #38 I'm 4,210 miles from my awesome guy :( counting down the days until he makes it back to NC from Spain!

  • steamboatclusie

    #18 yay!

  • Jinx 1821

    #60 dat ass!! luv it =)


    # 38 I am 18,298 miles away from my AMAZING family and friends. I'm deployed to Europe they are in AZ <3

  • Janessa

    #7 it is a shame that a guy with a smile like yours is single. Any man who can play a guitar can win over my heart :)

  • flybirdsfly

    #32, I loved the Power Ranger.

  • Mary

    #55 Why?

  • Amy Wilson

    #7 you are sexy

  • katie

    #55, hubs and i both just went "eewwwww…"

  • SnowflakeCO

    #7 where are you in this pic? It looks a lot like the view from atop the hill by my house in Broomfield, CO… sorry you got your heart broken, you'll find someone better. KCCO! (PS nice ride, I'm a sucker for old muscle cars)

  • missmagg

    #1 #48 #58 Reminding me how much I miss my dog…. :( Great album though- so many funny ones this week!

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