• temujin1234
    • John

      Except they spelled Ezekiel Bread wrong, lol. It's awesome though.

  • Suggie

    #1 I wish this was enough. Having motivation issues. HELP!
    #6 I just checked Shirtless Friday (a bit late, I know) and was rather disappointed that its full of very young men. But your picture made it all good again, Tough Berry ! Your papa HOT!😉

    • googleberry

      Hey Suggie! It is ALL WORTH IT! Both for your health, your future health, AND in how you feel about yourself. Not to mention how you look… You go, Berry! I'm rooting for you! 😀 ❤ ❤

      • Suggie

        Oh googleberry. Thank you.
        You probably know this (from others) but I'll say it anyway. You are one of the reasons I love The Berry so much. Thank you for taking the moment to motivate me.
        I managed a power walk today.
        Thank you. You're a Phenominal Woman.❤

        • googleberry

          Oh Suggie! Made me cry! You are SO SWEET! I'm sure you're just going through a bit of a time… I know I do, too.

          Great about doing the power walk! I am so PROUD of you! BIG hugs from here! AWESOME! ML! (Much Love) You CAN do it, and don't give up, Suggie!

  • Dawn

    #7 want!! #16 Amazing❤

  • Red

    #6 wow, your dad is in great shape, has he always looked like this? I'm trying to get my parents in better shape, i think they hate it when i come around:D.

  • Hannah

    #7…love those tank tops! anyone know what brand they are or how I can find them?

  • Pat

    #7 tanks are from Lorna Jane – lots of awesomeness here: http://www.lornajane.com.au/clothing/inspirationa

    • googleberry

      thanks Pat for being the googleberry of the day!

  • angel

    There's nothing healthy about eating fish or M.E.A.T. , not only you are murdering but you are eating cancer!

    • Pat

      So many things wrong… And I bet your mind is made up and you would ignore any educated responses…

    • Sarah

      Lol, eating cancer. You funny.

  • redheadchivette

    #3 Great list!
    #6 You both look great!! And that's awesome your dad is in such great shape to do that with you. :)
    #16 – Most definitely HMOTB worthy and your beautiful face just matches your fantastic body perfectly.

  • Tara

    #6 sorry this is so appropriate but dang! YOUR DAD IS SMOKING!

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