Sunday brunch (60 photos)

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  • Keira

    #11 Rereading the black dagger brotherhood. #39 Soooo cute! I'd have reacted the same way

  • Madison

    Pride and Prejudice!!

  • Jody

    #34 Took my breath away for a moment

    #39 made me cry

  • phil

    #11 Christopher Walken A-Z by Robert Schnackenberg

  • madamecursorla

    #11 The Bible

  • Hope

    #11 The last song is one I've finished among the others I've started.

  • Besby

    # 11 Crime by Irvine Welsh

  • Sarah

    #4 – Probably just found my wedding cake. NBD. … not that I'm getting married soon or anything. Just saying. For future reference. You all saw it here first.
    #11 – The Seventh Tower series by Garth Nix. Blast from the past for me. They're kids books, but the fantasy world is very well woven.
    #19 – LOL WHY??
    #22 – HILARIOUS

  • Sarah

    #25 – Oh Sheldon.❤
    #38 – SO CUTE!!!
    #39 – D'awww. So happy for her!!❤
    #50 – This picture has shown up AT LEAST 3 times now. I STILL love every moment of it.

  • bloomfever2002

    #11 I am reading Vampire for hire #5 and also Finally started reading 50 shades of grey.

    • bloomfever2002

      oops i meant number 5 in the series not the

  • Lexie

    #11 The five people you meet in heaven, by Mitch Albom

  • Hollie

    #11 Kiss The Dead Laurell K Hamilton

  • Leigh

    BeRrY please post the list of books that came from this! Im interested in seeing the berry/chivers book lists vs "those other people"

    • Falthor

      Frankenstein – The Prodigal Son, Dean R Koontz…

  • Jody

    Talisman by Stephen King

  • Kat

    #11 My pathophysiology book😛 I have an exam over the respiratory and urinary system on Wednesday (o_O)

    • googleberry

      Good luck on your test, Kat! I'm rootin' for you! You'll do GREAT!

  • childofathousandfaces

    #49 I LOVE Olan Rogers❤

  • Kitty

    #34…wrong part is in focus…DANG IT!!!

  • katie

    #23, now that is a zombie apocalypse survival tool… with style.

  • theSidetracker

    Did anyonelse see this picture ( #19 ) and think it was Brian (Marilyn Manson) ?

  • theSidetracker

    Im just finishing 'New Spring' by Robert Jordan….again.

  • Carmelina

    #3 Francoceccotti Agua bathtub made in Larch. Other items in the picture are also on this site.

  • missmagg

    #32 Way to go!

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