• temujin1234
  • MHLM

    #2 ! Oh my goody goodness I must have this?? Anyone know please and thaank you❤

    • googleberry

      I've looked a bit (image search only) and don't come up with anything…. maybe someone else knows. The picture is over a month old…

    • googleberry

      This is the closest I can find so far and it isn't the one in the picture.

  • Anastasia

    #6 is so pretty! If I could make my hair that color without it falling out I would!

  • Aziz

    I wish people would stop miankg such a big deal about a girl taking pictures of herself. WE should ALL have pictures of ourselves when we are young and hot, no matter the popular opinion of what hot is. Aging is weird, it’s nice to look back on something after the kids, the surgeries and as time crosses your face. I think people should just enjoy their skin.. in all it’s shapes and forms and take pictures dammit!

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