• Ryan

    #21 because it knows you’re in the other room until the show comes back on

  • B. Davs

    #10 I'm sorry, I was too distracted by "Can you borrow me some money", totally ruined it.
    Berry: y u no grammar check photos?

    • Technician

      I know it sounds weird… but, I actually know a lot of people who say it that way. Not to me, cause I'm always broke, but to their parents and whatnot. I asked once why they say it that way and they all said "because that's how you say it". I just shrug.

      • xoxo

        I have a friend from MN and she always says "can you borrow me a dollar?" I laugh everytime and say "no but I will let you borrow a dollar."

      • doerteee

        English is a second language for me and I've said it that way before… people thought it was weird (this was on the internet, so I don't know where they were from)…and just the other day on one of my podcasts I learned that it's one of the most common mistakes people make… I guess it's so common that a lot of people don't even consider it a mistake anymore? /shrug

    • Sarah

      Yeah, strangely enough that's not a grammar mistake even though it sounds funny.

    • Christie

      I'm from WI, and that sounds completely normal to me! I grew up using that type of sentence …

  • Charly

    #15 – HELL YES!!!
    #28 – Hahahaha, oh yeah xD.

  • Bee

    #7 I hate the feeling of not having a bra on, is that just me??

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      No, it is not just you. I hate not wearing a bra. My chesticles are far too heavy to feel comfortable without lift and support.

    • dkellyb

      I'm number 3:)

    • Lyra

      Nope, boobies to big for that! Though I don't sleep with one on:)

    • Sarah

      I have small boobs and can't stand not having a bra on for an extended time. Gravity starts to hurt. I can't imagine having bigger boobs than mine sans bra.

      • ale

        I love been bra-less at home… it´s wonderful, but I do have small boobs. They are awesome.

  • Maggie

    Ugh, I hate being left-handed
    same reasons I love the Fall season

    • googleberry

      hey, maggie, lefty here, too! tis a drag, but we get to use BOTH sides of our brain… giving us an advantage… or so I've heard. 😀

  • jesse

    #2 I was a teen in the 90s and no one I knew wore clothes like that.

    • xoxo

      Me either but then Ididnt grow up in Beverly Hills. No one I knew had a red convertible BMW either.

    • doerteee

      I was a kid in the 90s, but I don't remember anyone wearing clothes like that either. They remind me of the clothes my mom wore in the 80s though (in Germany)

  • Lisa

    #10…story of my life when they were short kids. God love them. 😉

    #40…his face is almost feminine…delicate…yet very strong at the same moment. I love that. 😉

  • temujin1234
  • googleberry

    # 4 To LEFTIES EVERYWHERE! Hated that there weren't any lefty desks in school and if there was one it was always at the back of the room.

    # 21 There are new rules where the commercials won't be allowed to be any higher in volume than the average volume of the show. It goes into effect Dec. 13, 2012. It's called the CALM Act, established by congress for the FCC.

  • googleberry
  • googleberry

    #36 and #25 can't find a name…

  • googleberry

    #2 you know we're going to do the same thing to what teenagers are wearing today, right?

    • xoxo

      At least we wore our pants ON our butts!

      • googleberry

        heh… so right…😀

  • googleberry
  • dkellyb

    #9 awwwwwwe, I love piggies!❤

  • waitingfordeluxe

    #40 You always know how to go out with a bang!

  • hpuem

    #30 is he always stoned or he just always looks stoned? Or I'm crazy😛

    • Leslie

      Very upset he got back with he cheating whore!

  • April C

    #4 The story of my life…

    • googleberry

      Only 8% of women are left-handed. I'm one of them, so count yourself in good company!😀 but the world was made for right-handers.

  • leamonman

    #2 horrible^^<img src="http://tinyurl.com/d3grdxt&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • justlilolme

    #30 him and his girlfriend both have permanent stoner cat eyes. Beautiful, yet odd

  • Mik

    #2 It's actually more grunge like doc martins, torned jeans, plain t-shirts and plaid skirts and shirts.
    #7 Actually I need the bra and I love the support my boobs are getting.

  • Marie

    who is he?? Yummm

  • Andi

    #28 MOAR!!!!

  • socalmarti

    #27 For me it's Target!

  • Sophia

    #17 Thanks for posting!!:)

  • dreagee

    #7 & #14 are so me! my boyfriend doesnt seem to mind though😉

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