The 90’s were strange, which explains these couples (21 photos)

  • Jen


  • leamonman

    #5 the hand!<img src="; width="1" height="1" />

    • Leather & Lace

      Any woman with self-respect would not allow any man to do that in public for a picture…any man with respect for women would not do that in public. Oh wait, wouldn't expect anything descent & respectful from those two.

  • Littlet

    #20 DID NOT KNOW~

  • Littlet

    #1 was like who is kathy griffin – oh the comedian. I am just used to how she looks now – shorter hair etc. wow

    • torontobackgroundgirl

      It's a shame how much plastic surgery she's had. She looked pretty back in the day.

  • temujin1234
  • bamboo

    #14 did not see this one coming

    • Say, Ambular

      I must be old because I thought this was common knowledge. He even came out in black face at a roast because they decided together that it would be funny. It was not.

      • bamboo

        blackface? seriously?? yikes…

        • BLACK dress

          OH GASP!!! He came out in 'black' face? Big fucking deal. Obviously Whoopi didn't have a problem with it because she's not hung up on political correctness and she's comfortable in her BLACK skin. God forbid a white person says, does, implies ANYTHING black or they are a racist and offensive. Grow a backbone people. Everyone gets offended by something, probably on a daily basis but they aren't bitching about it day in and day out. It's so pathetic out there that I find myself hesitating to even say the word 'black' even if I am referring to the color of a car or a dress, because some moron will be offended and they might think I am talking about a black person instead of the car or dress.

          • thespiral

            Huh? Blackface is an outdated practice with a long, completely offensive history. Nobody cares if you're talking about a dress or a car. You're the one who's overreacting.

  • Bee

    Man people in Hollywood get around

  • foowqa

    hackers! crash and burn

    • xoxo

      He's so hot, still is. Mmm Sick Boy

    • thespiral

      HACK THE PLANET! And Fisher Stevens/Michelle Pfeiffer was by far the weirdest 90s couple.

  • Jennie

    #2 woah!
    #14 DAFUQ???!

  • walgatorblowwws

    #14 Bwaaaaaah, ha, ha, ha. OMG sooooooooooooo effed up.

  • walgatorblowwws

    #1 Jack Black looks GOOD. Handsome.

  • erin

    These are AWESOME! Berry Love!

  • Kkaattee

    #14 WHOOPI AND TED DANSON?!?! The 90s were oh so very strange. And these clothes!!!! Jeebus how/why?!?! WHYYYY?!?!

  • danielle

    pretty sure I said, "Whaaaaaaaat!!?", on almost all of these lol!

  • Donna

    #5 this couple seems to work for me. Both are beautiful and both do not have a moral bone in their bodies.

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