• CountryKitten

    #30 Coffee, red wine and Greek yogurt

  • Ginger

    #30 Chocolate, dog treats and Diet Coke!

  • Rachel

    #37 the amount of beautiful in this picture cannot be put into words. i would feel like the greatest mother in the world if i produced those two.

  • Rebecca

    #15 Wait a minute…he said he loved you on one of your first dates?!

    • Amber

      We had known each other for a while before we actually went on a date! :]

  • Jag

    #30 bananas, apricot beer, gold fish crackers!

  • sidekickk

    #15 he said he loved you after a few dates? creepy..

  • Stef

    #13 yay made TheBerry today:)
    Much love!

  • Meganface

    #23 Damn you, Al Gore.

  • Hollie

    #30 bacon, cheese, diet coke Not fat just no will power!

  • Madison


  • Kristi

    #4 you are adorable! (the girl who recreated)
    #30 wine, bananas and milk

  • circleofcreation

    #30 – almond milk, apples and bell peppers.

  • surlymermaid

    #30 milk, veggies, fruit

  • hazel

    #30 some kind of juice, grapes and edy's strawberry fruit bars

  • nessipoo

    #37 I am positive I would make beautiful babies with either of the Franco brothers … and would like to put that theory to the test *dreamy sigh*

  • Hope

    #30, milk, rice, onions

  • Stefanie

    #30 Wine, hot sauce (Cholula or Sriracha), supressa

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    Milk, eggs, and bacon. I'm still pretty upset that Americans can get beer/wine at grocery stores:|

  • Cali smith

    You really have to do a Afternoon Eye Candy: Anson Mount. He’s just to scrumptious for words #39

  • Vieve

    #37 are such gorgeous brothers..their mother truly does deserve a hug..or a high five..BRB, rewatching Freaks & Geeks just cause.

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