• Sarah

    #9 – Oh yeah.

    • sidekickk

      That's the only outfit I wish my boyfriend (if I had one -_-) would wear

  • Anon.

    Where's the KCCO?

  • Katie

    #3 Love. Understandably, it doesn't work on everyone.

  • chelsea_dagger

    Is #15 not the same guy in ALL of the fruity outfits on the SIWMBWW? In this one he reminds me of Andy from The Office. And someone bring me #23 immediately…

    • bamboo

      #15 is matt bomer. he's on the show white collar. so hot! and nothing like andy from the office

      • chelsea_dagger

        Except for when he's wearing khaki slacks and pastel blue blazer😛

  • temujin1234
  • leamonman

    #4 – no please<img src="http://tinyurl.com/d3grdxt&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • kelos33

    LOVE LOVE LOVE sweaters on men!!! hate skinny pants on them… they confuse me!

  • Men

    So you want your boyfriend to look like a hipster fag?

    • sidekickk

      Wow, dude. NOT cool.

    • Kyle

      Much better than sounding like an ignorant piece of shit.

  • Madison

    #9, #11, #18

  • Shay

    #12 need for a christmas gift…where is it from?!

  • A.H

    Lets be honest, what your really saying is you wish your boyfriend looked like a model…because then it doesn't matter that they are wearing some of these ridiculous outfits. (Pastel Skinny Jeans…Really?!)
    You could post twenty-five pictures of hot chicks in garbage bags, and call it stuff I wish my girlfriend would wear, and every guy would agree.(but only while imagining that his girlfriend looked like that)

  • Denise

    #9 #20 #28 YUM

  • Howard.is.god

    My guilty pleasure is checking out the Berry….I have to say, any guy wearing this crap is a douche nozzle.

    • Ricky

      And so is any man who considers himself God and shares your vocabulary.

    • rightness

      im sure some real winners love your wide selection of Affliction T-Shirts.

  • Ian.

    I would like to relocate #6 to my house please

    • Art


  • nik

    I don't get skinny or coloured jeans on guys. My man has some awesome legs but still rocks the boot cut jean. He only wears straight leg on dress pants and khakis.

    No bowties either! Yikes!

    #9 and #11….. absolutely!

  • Not Queer

    *cough* Queer *cough*

  • googleberry

    #2 No.
    #3 You wish he'd wear rope?

  • Brendan

    Wow, apparently I'm really out of touch with what looks good. Or maybe half of these outfits really do look stupid. Yeah, I'm going to go with that.

    When did deck shoes become cool again? I had these when I was 6 and I hated them then too. And pastel skinny jeans? You need a degree in hipster to pull those off. And there's absolutely nothing right about #5.

    • Brendan

      I mean #4

      • rightness

        They look like well-to-do gentlemen to me, it is too bad you can not understand. A pity.

  • DRD

    Rolling up your pant legs still looks stupid no matter how many times it gets posted.

  • saad

    Well if my boyfriend was gay.. Then yes

    • rightness

      Does it make you feel better for wearing stained sweatpants in public when your boyfriend dresses just as poorly?

    • rocklesson86

      Just because he wears these clothes doesn't mean he is gay. Apparently you don't want your man to dress well.

  • jay

    #29 on a persons grave, …not classy

    • JESSE

      its a bridge railing. the graveyard is behind him.

      • jay

        oh!…well i feel silly

  • TommyB

    The 'pre-tied' bowties NO! But every time I Rock the bow tie I get complements from men and women. It's gotta be done right. Saw a guy in the airport yesterday w a pretied looked all wrong – like a costume.
    All the pastel pants on men…can I just say no thanks? The rolled up cuffs um no.
    And Berry why so many repeats? Especially bad ones….
    Let's resolve to do better next week. Thanks. KCCO!

  • rocklesson86

    Someone these look good.

  • Caters

    Hmm… I can only handle #8, #9, #18, #23, and (I'm surprised nobody has mentioned) #27. The rest are either not masculine enough for my taste or would just look incredibly out of place in Nor Cal.

    • Caters

      OK, It take it back. Wool coats are amazing, but the hat in 8 is like my worst Bruno Mars nightmare.

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