• leamonman

    #4 cool! Wanna it!<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9xpuefo&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • bamboo

    #22 the doll in the bed is a little creepers

  • temujin1234
  • tabby

    this $hit right here….these are pictures of childrens' rooms that have never ever had children living in them. Or have stay at moms and/or nannies and maids to walk around behind them making sure everything is in its proper place. These rooms are for show, not for childhoods.

    • chelsea_dagger

      Lol, I thought the same thing. Some of these rooms are so minimalist they're clinical. I imagined little tiny robot children living in them.

      • Emmylou

        I saw them and thought "who has a kid's room THIS big? I has to shoehorn my offpring in where I could fit her!!!"

    • katie

      Hey, even stay at home moms have messy houses since kids are… well… kids, and therefore like to play. The only reason these rooms look like they do is simply because the kids were banished for the weekend and the photo crew helped mom. Guaranteed.

  • Velma27

    These rooms are awesome in the thought, but are not practical in any way. A couple could be made so they could have a child living in them. (#10) Honestly who puts i GIANT mirror behind a crib? That would drive me nuts with the finger marks, and being scared it could fall.

  • teehee

    Love #6 & #10

  • dreagee

    #4 is awesome!

  • Annonymouse

    #1 Forget the kids, I want that!!!

  • googleberry

    #4 is not a kids room. It is a photo taken at Cité des Sciences, La Villette in Paris, France. Biut it's a great idea for a floor! 😀

    • Broken Record

      We heard you the first frickin' time. Jeez. Put a cork in it already!

      • googleberry

        In a day or less, replies collapse and aren't seen by others unless you actually click on the replies. I repeat it at the end of the comments that ask for it specifically and as a separate comment in and of itself that so people will see it later without having to do that.😀

  • googleberry
  • Lilly

    #17 is my fav

  • Theresia

    I had OCD as a child and still have it as an adult.. if I had any one of these rooms.. I would have loved it. Never a thing out of place.. and oddly enough, I live a wonderful life. Also, these pictures may have that one element someone is looking for for their child's room. Let;s not be so quick to be critical. =]

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