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  • Twin Cities Girl

    #3 they look like house elves!

  • Ije

    #20 Either that is a really cool 3D tattooing done on the eyes or that person has a serious case of pitting edema.

  • GGks

    Emi-Jay = Twistbands knockoff…

  • lily


  • HeatherW

    #14 Good gravy those are cute! I really want to put those in my hair for some reason. :D

  • ChelseaJRantos

    #7 Stay strong baby girl! Sweetheart, you are so beautiful & have so many people cheering you on! You've got this, kick some booty! Sending you lots of Berry love Princess Emma.

    #11 Oh, hai, HMOTB…yes indeed! ;)

  • Annonymouse

    #7 Good luck little Berry! Thoughts and love to you and your family.

  • circleofcreation

    #7- Stay strong little Berry, prayers and good vibes are coming your way!

  • Angalee

    #11 Extremely Berry worthy….I need MOAR!!!

  • surlymermaid

    #7 Stay strong Little Berry Sister! You're going to kick cancer right in the pants. :)

  • TigerLily

    #7 beautiful Emma, stay strong. Will be thinking of you!!

  • April C

    #29 Carb overload…

  • Hope

    #36 are soooo cute

  • waltgator

    #34 pugs rule!

  • LAskygurl1997

    #9 and #18 are kind of related…ahahahahaha

  • Jade

    #7 Emma you seem like a beautiful and strong girl. Keep calm and chive on! we'll all be rooting for you and sending our love. You are far braver then I could ever be.. xo

  • berrylovah

    Yes, I will have your child. #28

  • Madison

    KCCO, Emma!!

  • Hepburn3

    Emma you are a lovely little girl!
    Keep on fighting cancer and stay positive!
    Prayers and best wishes to you and your loved ones! :)

  • Rhonda Ramsey

    Thanks theBerry for posting Emma's picture #7!! It means a lot to our community and her family and friends! Emma and her mom have kcco and been so strong through everything!!!

  • Nona & Lilli

    #7 Stay strong sweetheart. Fight that nasty ugly cancer and you beat that nasty ugly cancer!! i will pray for you every day and every night. you can do this, love! you have girl power!!!!

  • Bailey

    #7 Way to go, Emma! You are a brave, beautiful, and inspiring young lady! Stay strong, mini-girlfriend!

  • Geymi♥!

    #28 GOURGEOUS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  • hazel

    i thought #20 was kinda cool, must be the only one

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