• temujin1234
    • bookworm04

      me too… it's sweet!:)

  • VC98

    #7 maybe one day you will

    • Wisti

      They could at least write a thank you letter. That doesn't take courage. Though handing it to them may take a little.

  • bamboo

    #2 me too!


    #3 I too have OCD. Get help. Seeing a psychiatrist probably saved my life.

    • FONZIE

      My wife used to put knives and forks in the drainer with the points up. Fucking cut myself all the time!

  • VCB

    Post Secret always makes me sad.

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  • Krissy

    Love #4 and #5! Nice to see some positives on post secret! Good luck to you both in all your endeavors!

  • halkyrie

    #10 relax! it'll be more fun😉

    • skeptis

      Relax? You don't even know what the issue she/he has!

  • kait

    #4 is sweet.. How he says yes!

    Post secret is a love hate relationship.. My heart goes to a lot of the people who sends these.. But I always want to be that girl and want to know what has happened to these people after they send in their post secret..

  • WhenInRome

    #4 Geeeez, getting a bit ahead of yourself… he hasn't said yes yet.

    • Helena

      Wow. Who made you so bitter?

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