• Erika

    #2 twitter account please !!! Moaaaaaar

  • Anna

    #42 How did you make those sugar blood slides?? My bf loves Dexter and I would love to make those for him!! Please share!:)

  • TxGal

    #29 hello again!!! #30 nice

  • Lis

    #50 well played!!

  • Jen

    #46 you are a BEAUTIFUL young lady and you are going to KICK cancer's stupid little butt! You go girl!
    Lots-very-much-love! xxx

  • amanda

    Emma, u rock. Hang in there and kick that cancers butt.

  • Stephyd

    #2 Nice to know there's a fellow chiver in this state
    ~NM Chivette

    • NMChiver

      Nice to know im not the only chiver in NM as well. @rob_with_one_b

  • Lindsey

    #19 -makes me wonder about my DS's….. From SGT H
    #37 -gotta love a hockey man!!! What's your college team?

  • Sari

    #50 – that looks like a Rhoxer pup:) You're both adorable, and I hope the 20 made for a sweeter couple of beers

  • punkie panda

    #46 stay strong we are all pulling for you much love

  • Raya Poppy

    #42 rock on girls!

  • April_Pitt

    #19 FIND HIM!!! Gotta love a man in uniform…well kinda in uniform lol!!!

  • bloomfever2002

    #8. i love Clay Matthews. Flip that hair!! #19 OMG!! he could make me do whatever!! yes sir!!!

  • TheItalian

    #49! YAY!!!!

  • Kitty

    #19 Will do push up forever…RAWR!!!

  • Bocimo

    #41 I can almost hear the TSSSSSS Sound

  • Mary

    FIND HIM!! MOAR!!! From a very Loyal NM Chivette and Berry lover…

    • ChivetteNM

      his twitter handle is @rob_with_one_b

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