Afternoon eye candy: HMOTB of the Week: James Eysenbach (28 photos)

Guess what? We had another HMOTB in the office! James and his blue eyes stopped by for a bit of fun with theBERRY crew. I'll let him take it from here...

What’s up Berry Girls?

My name’s James Eysenbach and I’ve recently had the undying honor of being nominated as one of the Hot Men of The Berry (HMOTB).

I just graduated from the University of Virginia with my Bachelor’s in Political Science and Master’s in Marketing & Management this past summer. I celebrated with one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had - traveling around the world. It started with studying abroad for my Master’s program in Southeast Asia, and then continued with some surfing/scuba diving with sharks in Bali (I swear, that place is like Cancun for Australians), and visiting friends all over Europe. Some of the highlights included Scandinavia, Belgium for this crazy music festival called Tomorrowland (just me and 180,000 of my closest friends), and watching two of my friends win gold for the US Swim team at the Olympics… doesn’t hurt to have Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte on your relay team.

I love sailing, playing ice hockey, hanging out with my golden retriever (Kuma, 8 months old), and modeling (definitely a hobby though, not a career). I love meeting new people, so feel free to follow me on Twitter: @JamesEysenbach and definitely vote/campaign for me as Cosmo’s Bachelor of the Year HERE!

Thanks Emily, Megan, and Alex! I had a blast, and will come back anytime : ) And Emily, congrats on your wedding!

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