• temujin1234
  • ...

    #8 Love this. More people need to realize that diets are temporary things, and although they help, they lead to disappointment. Yes, you should have a good diet, but you shouldn't disappointment yourself and set yourself up for failure by living by fad diets.

  • Jayne

    Maybe you can make it a point to try to motivate those of us without use of our legs? Not being passive aggressive, just asking for a little help gaining some chutspah!

    • Suggie

      Dear Jayne,
      You made #1 really count. Thank you.
      Hopefully some of our phenominal berries will start giving tips you can use. You're not being passive aggressive at all! We're in this together.
      Rock on, berry!❤

    • googleberry

      Good for you, Jayne, for posting! It isn't easy for many of us with disabilities. You just have to keep trying to find the things that you CAN do, that give you energy and that you LIKE to do, and maximize that. 😀

      Even when I wasn't disabled, I did end up changing my exercises often to keep it fresh, and to work different areas. I wish you well! I know you can do it!

  • nicole

    oh WOW–#9 is AWESOME!!! I want to do that!

  • Corvin

    #16 Well done!

    • Jen

      i love the beard! oh and the sexy body.

      i was so off track this weekend with my eating but its time to get back on track! already went to the gym and worked it out today.

  • Kay

    #16 return to 6 months ago and lets talk.

  • Andradez

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  • surlymermaid

    #16 Great job — except the tattoo is unattractive IMO.

    • Gaaah.

      Unfortunately, your opinion isn't necessary. Good job getting in shape will suffice. KCCO

  • Jesa

    #16, And Helllooooooooooo Gorgeous!

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