• temujin1234
    • hazel

      me too! i love running outside

  • Wet_tosti

    #4 I just tried this one. Don't believe it. After 5 minutes black smoke and a horrible smell came out of my microwave. I almost burned my house down…..

    • googleberry

      * whispering * you know you're supposed to boil them in water in a pan on the stove, right? Unless you have an egg cooker that works in the microwave.

    • ...

      I… Oh my.. Just find a new egg, and hand it to your girlfriend. She'll know what to do.good luck on your journey, sir:)

      • BerryKT


    • aaa

      The best way to do "hard boiled eggs", put them in the oven (in a cupcake tray is easiest) at 325 for 30 minutes.

  • googleberry

    #15 Available at Lorna Jane. Aussie company, so probably Aussie dollars.

    Alana Bra. Limited sizes. $62.99.

    Gillian Excel Tank. $59.99. Limited sizes.

    Impact 3/4 Tight. Not available in yellow. $86.99.

  • Raya Poppy

    #13 my favourite part too. You've done an amazing job!:)

    • Wisti

      she looks stretched <_< I'm hoping she just did a poor job of putting the pictures together? otherwise gaining some weight back maaaay be preferred

  • superfly

    #13 you are amazing. great job, keep up the good work!

  • cme_red

    #13, good job girl!!!!

  • Melissa

    #13 – I love this part too! You look so beautiful and happy!

  • PicklesMcGee

    #2 exactly.

  • Alison

    #6 good lord her body kills me. Looking so good!

    • Jen

      i know, seriously.

  • fitgirl

    Berries are your best stretch mark creams or home remedies? I'm losing weight but the stretch marks stay. Help!

    • fitgirl


  • anon

    #13 same girl as last 2 weeks, again definitely marriage material

  • Kato

    #16 Just do it barefoot. You generate more power, you're more balanced, and you gain strength more that way.

    • Michele

      Walking around in a gym barefoot? *shudders* My dad got foot fungus when he used to do that. I'm sure it's more of a problem in the restroom/shower area, but I'm creeped out for life!

      • halkyrie

        no, just when doing heavy lifts like this. you put your shoes back on when you're done😉

      • Pinky

        He's not barefoot. He's got those glove-like shoes on. They remind me of the Vibram Five Fingers, but there are a lot of brands out there now, so they could be something else.

  • MLR

    #3 Consider me motivated. Thanks, Berry.

  • Kayla

    #13 Good Job girl!!!! You look amazing!

  • Sarah

    #15 – That's an awesome shirt.

  • nattyann

    Looking at this while eating chinese food is counter intuitive.:-/

  • Liv

    The Women of theBerry fuckin ROCK! Stay awesome!

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