• Rebel Wilson's thigh

    #27 You look like Ronald "Mac" McDonald from Always Sunny, nice try…

  • bamboo

    #27 looks more like Mac from It's Always Sunny

    • Natasha

      I am moving to Colorado

      • Hope

        I am staying in Colorado

  • western_chivette

    #29 #33 way too cute

  • Amanda

    #27 babe alert… MOAR

  • temujin1234
  • Hdawg

    #27 Find him please…

  • sidekickk

    #8 I think you definitely did!

    • Amy


  • Thaaa

    #23 yes thanks to your sister for entroducing you to it.!!!
    Let's not mention that.. AND ALSO CALLING YOU TO LET U KNOW URE ON THE BERRY!!!!

  • BritBerrier

    #28 ireland should be ashamed that these guys are known across the atlantic.

    • karen

      Most of us are ashamed that they even exist!

      • Allstateguy

        I don't even know who they are. WHO ARE THEY????

  • LAskygurl1997

    #29 so cute. nomnomnom

  • Samantha

    I've fallen in love, and I don't even believe in love. Please find this man and send him my way? Thank you, Berry.

    • googleberry

      I think he sent the pic in himself. Or a friend did. I can't find any other reference to the pic on the internet. But I could be mistaken. 😀

  • Amanda

    Ahhh Colorado dudes are the best!!!! And yes, the beard is very similar !!

  • googleberry
  • googleberry
  • googleberry

    #39 Wary Meyers Twisted Tales Bookshelf. Not listed under their shop. Contact info here.

  • googleberry

    #30 Originally from this etsy shop, but not there now. Contact the owner and include this picture link to see if they can get/make more.

  • googleberry

    #5 Coin Slot Belt Buckle. This one is sold out, but contact the shop owner to see if he can make another.

  • googleberry

    #10 Sculpture by Andy Bergholtz.

  • Genghiskhan1234

    #20 cool<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9xpuefo&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Brandi

    OH GOD.

    • Katty

      If you think that's overwhelming, DON'T watch Prometheus. His face was so beautiful in that film it hurt me. I only vaguely kept track of the plot when he wasn't on screen.

  • Mary


  • Sarah

    #18 – I kind of love this.

  • Amie

    #27 I would love have a party with u… A pantless party!!! MOAR!!!!

  • Chiver

    #27 Not entirely sure that it ISN'T Chris Evans…… MOAR!!

  • Allstateguy


    • Wench


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