• Allstateguy

    #21 Who is number 21??? Help please

    • googleberry

      He is Pete Burns. " …he’s the British former lead singer for the band Dead or Alive (they had that big hit “You Spin Me Round” in 1985)"

      • caroline

        no way wtf happen lol my aunt and mom saw him 87

        • googleberry

          I KNOW! It is so sad. There have been stories about him and his plastic surgery on TV. He used to be really good looking (imo). I loved that video on MTV.

          • caroline

            yeah its sad what people done too them self my mom was sad she was a huge dead or alive fan

  • Angela

    #1 Does the chick in the background have a white beard & stache?

  • Delta2control

    #17 She does not approve of this post. Tonight, she will creep into your nightmares and then physically into your bed….for your toungue!!!!!

  • ree

    #20 hasn't had any plastic surgery

  • Jaal

    Arghhhh… cannot…. unsee!

  • Vieve

    Thank you for posting #20 !! She was adorable, and now she just looks like a trustfund baby who wanted daddy to make her a popstar..which is a shame, because she has a knockout voice, but a trashy face.

  • drea72

    .its like all the people who get plastic surgery put on so much make up its ridiculous isnt the point of having "some" work done to make you look younger and not have to wear as much makeup?

  • FknNickDuh

    wow, i was eating when i entered this gallery. not hungry

  • Theresia

    Looks like a bank robbers mask! Frikkin' yikes!

  • alex

    [darth vader] NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! [/darth vader]

  • Carro

    Just no….

  • rocklesson86

    This is taking plastic surgery to a whole another level.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    So much awful here, but so much more awful NOT here.
    Jennifer Westfeldt, Vera Farmiga, the wife from Homeland,
    Stop it, folks!

  • dorisalonso101

    If you wish to have a facelift or a liposuction, then I suggest you take her to a long island plastic surgery. In that way she wouldn't have to worry since the doctors are very reliable. You would have to make sure that whatever it is you're having, is perfectly safe for you.

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