• temujin1234
  • MontanaGirl76

    #9 you got this. Go for it!

  • keks


    don´t be scared of one moment if it means you could be happy for the rest of your life!

  • chivette21

    I'd really like to know what number 4's answer was to the video. does anyone know which video it is?

  • Sis

    #2 what sort of person does this

    • Artimus

      That's terrible…one of the worst things you could do to a guy honestly

      • chelsea_dagger

        Terrible and illegal. 8 freaking YEARS?!?! She's up a creek without a paddle, now. Either she turns herself in or rots her conscious for the rest of her life.

        • JenPen

          18 years!!

    • JESSE

      Cunt. There is no other word for it.

    • TigerLily

      A very selfish narcissistic person.

    • Nik

      someone who should go to their damn grave with that secret. ughhhhhh

  • Scott

    #2 whore

    • JESSE

      I prefer cunt. Lets face it she should be beaten to death.

  • chelsea_dagger

    I gotta stop reading the post secret posts. All but one or two always either depress me or piss me off.

  • justme

    #1 they probably didn't want to go on vacation with you either.

    • dailin

      It's not always about the destination, its about the company. There's nothing wrong with enjoying and getting to know ones self.

  • Breezy

    #5 You're not alone in that. I felt the same way and even more so at her funeral, when everyone else had great memories and I was only old enough to have dementia ones. It was nice to hear other people's good stories though– it gave me something to fill in the spaces my own memory couldn't.

  • nsj

    #2 You, madam, are a dick.

    • sue

      10% of the children aren't "his" child.
      There are a lot of dicks around….

  • Ronn!e

    #2 it's women like you who make us look bad. I hope u get caught and have to pay him back.

  • fer cyccone

    Why people are so quick to judge ?, we don't even know half of it, eighteen years of lies can't be explained in a postcard.

    I've been through the same, my grandma helped me grow in every step of my life while she was alive, even when her state got worse she made us realize how family is important, we took care of her for her last four years on this land, she couldn't talk, but we knew she was in peace.

    • Tiger

      She put it out there and thats the information given. If they dont want opinions dont put it on the internet.

      • Kells Bells

        It's a fucking secret postcard. It's not meant for information. Hell, there's only a small chance, anyway, of it even being posted once it's sent. Frank gets THOUSANDS of those things a week. You think every one of them goes up? Someone wanted to get something off their chest, not impress or piss you off. Get over yourselves. Jeez.

        • Kells Bells

          Also, THIS would be the reason why Frank doesn't allow open comments on the site.

  • xoxo

    #2 sure but don't be surprised when he sues you. Plus it opens up a whole lot of cans of worms that perhaps don't need to be opened. To him that is his child, why take that from him?

    • Tiger

      Its not all about the mom or dad…what about the child?????


    #10 I hope she realized there are other guys out there. The notion of a soul mate is self-defeating.

  • TigerLily

    #2 tempted?! who do you think you are messing with your own child and another person like that? #9 Tell him, do it!!!!

  • socalmarti

    #2 I am a single mom and you make me sick. Lying, manipulative women like you are the reason why good honest people can't have trusting honest relationships and I hope you lose everything, since you apparently don't have a conscience.

  • Disappointed

    Wow I'm shocked how rude everyone is being…. This isn't a place for negativity !!! Shame on you all who commented rude things

    • Agreed

      Kinda getting to be like The Chive.. A bit sad, imo..

  • http://anitasnotebook.com Anita

    #10 Aw that's sad. I hope this woman can move on from this and have a happy ending to her story.

    • Akbaby

      Me too!

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