• Justme

    #3 Best Christmas movie ever.

  • bamboo

    #13 this is the third post i've seen of you ladies promoting products…. have to admit i don't really like it.

    • Panda

      I thought the same thing. It's kind of off putting, especially if they sent it to you to try/for free.

    • Sichuan province

      I completely agree. one thought i had was "great now they are going to be selling products to us, the berry was good while it lasted", i also find it very off putting and don't really like it.

    • Flo

      ^^ agreed. Come here for fun not to be sold to.

    • doerteee


    • Emma May

      hey Berry, way to sell out!
      plenty of better sites out there that don't resort to shameless butt kissing. just saying.

    • Ashleigh

      Meh. Everyone's gotta make money somehow and they give us beauty tips off the Internet, why not try something first hand and give us straight up opinions? From someone who's eats sleeps and breathes promotions, I think it's great!

    • Kyle

      Super cheap and terribly cliche. Maybe you can convince them chive guys to sell more than 50 t-shirts at a time so you guys do need to sell out like Kim K.

    • Bee

      the first "ad" they did I said "oh no" I know what road we're going down. If your going to sell or push a product just be up front about it.

    • Anna

      Oh no! People whose job it is to run this site are trying to make money! how horrible! And its so impossible to scroll past it without focusing on it! what is the world coming to!

    • mimi

      Agreed. though i wouldn't mind advertisements if there was a giveaway…hint hint

  • Berry Lover

    Agreed Bamboo. Keep it to a minimum

  • thaomeow

    #9, marry me.

    • KatieOKCCO

      Sorry thaomeow he will be busy marrying me! lol

  • headless

    all i see is armpit hair #23

    • Jenni268

      Yep!!! I was thinking the same thing!!

    • Theresia

      Dat mouth!

  • Debianrule

    #26 lol<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9xpuefo&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Shawn

    #13 ..Like you need beauty products

  • k4nt

    If #39 is a street crossing then i'd be there every day… until❤

  • amanda

    #29 = me… in love!!! MOAR PLEASE

  • temujin1234
  • jillymcbean

    #39 is my favourite. The world needs a love button or two.😀
    But #29 is just beautiful. Can I push the love button and he comes out to give me a hug? Please?

  • Cyn

    Hi ladies; I saw on Chive that TheBerry is shutting down?😔 I truly hope this is NOT true. PLEASE respond

    • googleberry

      WHERE did you see that? oh noooo!

    • liz

      It was part of a joke they had

  • Ronn!e

    #10. Lmao!!! ❤

  • RothFan1

    er mah gerd #29

  • Joanna

    #34 I wish I could just run through there kicking cups and giggling. It would be the best day ever.

    • ThigWife

      Totally!!! At the same time I was like awww…what a waste of cups

  • 16inchzipper

    #32 You could probably say the same about a website that shows pictures of train wrecks. Can't just look away.

  • http://myinnervoiceyelling.tumblr.com Shea

    #6 and #34 are the same. And #17 was on Morning Coffee. I get that it's Friday, but this was completely phoning it in.

    • Shea

      Crap, #6 and #33 are the same

  • Jenna

    Hellooo #40.

  • Nicole

    #29 #35 and #40 I can't wait for no shave November:) I love scruffies!! MOAAAAR ESPECIALLY #29

  • JJJ

    What programme is #18 from? Genuine question!

    • edminton

      It is from the Comedy Central series "Workaholics" – it is a HILARIOUS show about three post-college dudes just trying to get by and having fun. I've watched all 3 seasons and I laughed my pants off!

  • Elle

    Seriously though, if theBerry and theChive would make more merchandise, everyone would be happier!!!

  • markevo
  • http://www.flowerdelivery4all.com/ Tyterkkd

    God bless and keep you. Thank you so much. I pray for all your brothers and sisters safe return.

  • Jessicasarah

    PLEASE may I have the name of #35???

  • Jessicasarah

    Nevermind, I found him! Cedric Bihr

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