• temujin1234
  • KatieOKCCO

    #32 Love You!!

  • Mary

    #19 thank you for giving a shelter pet a chance at such a wonderful life—<3 people like you!

    • Mary

      #32 too:)

  • VeeRich

    Having a terrible day – this totally cheered me up. knew I could count on theBERRY.

  • Cam


    Pebbles made the Berry!:)

    • Cam

      Whoops I meant #28! Lol

  • misschris

    #6 My darling girl! Can't wait to show her that she's famous now!

    • VC98

      older dogs are so special

  • VC98

    #23 and #27 RIP

  • Miss Bailey

    #21 Thats my baby Maizy! She loves to cuddle no matter the posistion! ❤

  • Mallory

    Ahhh my dogs made it! They are #34!! My day has been made!

  • googleberry

    So much awww! And to those of you who lost your pets, my prayers to you.

  • CinematicHeart

    #23 My Ozzy passed away last month. he was 11, my heart aches every day

  • Sunny

    #32 Awww my Rocky❤

  • Lauren

    #18 and #24 are my babies! Jake and Rue are the greatest ever!!

  • Shannon

    Those are "my girls" at #11…but I want to share something about this posting..I took that pic a couple of months ago..and had been meaning to email it to my Mom and Dad (I live in Alabama and they're in New Hampshire)…I'll try to make a long story short…but my Dad was diagnosed with cancer on September 29th and died 9 days later on October 7th…I'm beyond griefstricken..However…this post of "my girls" was posted on October 22nd..which WOULD have been my Dad's 74th birthday…and when I saw their photo..on a day that was exetremely tough..I just smiled to myself and said "Thanks Dad!"…(and to The Berry!)

  • nancy

    #22 is my girl Roxanne. She is the love of my life.

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