• mimi

    #29 I'm in love

  • Abbey

    #7 So cute:) I want that little fluff ball !!!

  • LAskygurl1997
  • Megan_

    #2 Where in Michigan are you stationed. I'm in the coast guard and was stationed in ludington MI and absolutely loved ice rescue! Pain in the butt to get that dry suit on but it was pretty cool to jump in the ice!

  • Natasha

    I bet #38 is in a prison somewhere.

  • Amy

    Who is the other (non-Christian Bale) guy on the sofa in #30?

    • brainsock

      tom hardy

  • Jules

    #37 Now THAT is a man!!!

  • Vivalanadia

    "Cosy" is misspelled! It's cozy…cute pillow but its sadly a FAIL =(

    • googleberry

      It's spelled that way if you're British.

  • missmagg

    #32 Aw, I remember sending a picture of that same wall to my boyfriend when I visited Disney! So cute<3

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