• Justme

    My favorite holiday.

    • Monica

      Me too! I love it. Sad it's almost here. I haven't done half the things I like to do…I did so much more last year😦 But we'r going to a haunted house, didn't do that last year

  • chelsea_dagger

    I stared at #26 waiting for it to be a .gif :p

    • MoMeRob

      You too?

  • Caitlin

    Umm Halloween is only 9 days away…

  • Hollygoyle

    #26 is absolutely gorgeous. Where ever that is, I want to be there.

  • Spencer
  • temujin1234
  • Ronn!e

    Love this!!!! Halloween is my fave holiday

  • VeeRich

    #8 #11 just watched Hocus Pocus on Saturday night! Movies from my childhood never get old!

    • jami

      this movie was on sale at best buy for 7 bucks!! totally purchased it!!

      • JessieBelle

        Dude! Target also! I bought it last week, and have submitted my friends to watching it like three times already! lol

  • Technician

    #11 I love this movie, I really do, but why is it just now the "It" thing this year? I've seen it, heard about it etc. everywhere and on every "what's hot" this Halloween list. Regardless, it IS a funny movie.

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