• Sarah

    These are all AWESOME. I love when people get super creative with their costumes. One day, when I have enough friends to do it with me, I want to dress up as all the Magic School Bus kids.

    • Mia

      That would be so awesome to see!

  • temujin1234
  • missmagg

    #14 That's awesome!

  • danielle

    haha these are amazing!!

  • Lauren

    These are ALL so good!!

  • CourtneyElise

    #10 and #14 were my favorite!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Ronn!e

    #16 lol that's great!

    • stock194

      I met this guy! That was at Anime Detour in Bloomington, Minnesota a couple of years ago!

  • surlymermaid

    #19 Powdered Toast Man!

  • MistressMarbles

    Pixar lamp is genius! One of my faves so far this year!

  • tkk

    Best post EVER, talk about memories! totally made my day

  • Kaitlyn

    I cannot think of #2.. Road to Eldorado? Or am I way off?

    • dreagee

      no thats right

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