• temujin1234
  • mrshelderman

    Hey let's get this super heavy dangerous chandelier and put it right directly over our new-born baby.

  • Charlie Brown

    #13 will give kid nightmares!

  • KCC

    #3 & #7 perfection.

  • http://randomarmywife.blogspot.com/ Say, Ambular

    so many dangerous bumpers!

  • May

    #25 has an eerie coffin sort of feel and the stabby chandalier doesn't help much. Just overall creepy.

  • katie

    As mom of a toddler, most of these are perfectly set up. #1 especially. Lots of room to convert from nursery to bedroom, hardwood floors (big help when your sweet darling has tummy troubles after having red juice). A few are scary, (#25), but I would advise most would be moms to set up nurseries in this very way. Good job ladies!

  • Brae

    Most of these aren't actual nurseries they are just show rooms to provide inspiration on how to do yours, they do chandliers to show clients that as the baby gets bigger they wouldn't have to spend a ton of money on a new room, just change a few pieces ( a friend is an interior designer for kids rooms, I asked a long time ago the same questions)

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