• mimi

    #25 I kinda like that pour moi haha

  • Tx State Chivette

    That watch is fine.

    • Tx State Chivette

      Whoops did it again! I mean #12.

      • Derichuk

        I love that watch, but its $9000, and no that wasn't a typo

      • idp0318@hotmail.com

        e mail me at idp0318@hotmail.com and we can chat.

  • temujin1234

    #12 – Superb.

  • Sarah

    Usually I do not really like these posts, because I would rather not see super preppy clothes on my boyfriend. But this post is great. Filled with great styles. Good job Berry!

  • Ashley

    My boyfriend would not be caught dead in skinny pants, and I kind of like it that way. These are pretty cute outfits, though.

  • mrshelderman

    Now that is how you wear those short shorts, tight fitted plaid shirt and a nice belt. Yes sir. Much better than last weeks!

  • SizeM

    Ok, so let me get this straight. My job, as a male, in addition to all the other stuff, is to wear clothing that is two sizes too small. Seriously. None of the men have ever met a tailor. Really? This is what passes for sexy now? Christ…my 11 year old has clothes this small…let me put some of them on and see how I get hit on at the local meat market..

    • googleberry

      hmmm the only ones that seem too small to me are 4, 7, 10, 26 and 27. The rest seem fine. ???😀 Which ones are you talking about?

    • anon

      i think they're perfectly good size, not too tight and not too loose, the key is in the shoulders and nipples, if the shoulder line is sagging then its to lose if its right before the edge then its perfect also if you can see your nipple then its too tight (like those edhardy shirts that people wear too tight of)

      and suits are supposed to be form fitting, if you want something ultra comfortable then wear sweats not suits. don't believe me? then look at celebrities and how they wear their suits like brad pitt, George clooney, ryan gossling and david beckham no one can deny that they know how to dress

  • Mike Ho.

    <img src="http://www.newautoquote.us/frees/f3.jpg"/&gt; #1 is that a Rayban? anyway it looks real good.<img src="http://www.newautoquote.us/nify/f5.jpg"/&gt;

  • Jess

    I love a man in a suit but when they wear no socks it's like ahhh! http://www.google.com/search?q=andy+cohen+no+sock
    It kills me it looks tacky

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/109072635901908202163/posts Richard

    These are better than other post that I see on the Berry on Thursday, but some of them are not good, Head to the north woods where live and the women there don't like the fashions shown here.

  • Sin

    #21 #22 #23 #28 NO
    Anything Else I have worn or would Totally wear if the Mrs. asked me

  • DRD

    #7 Anyone who rolls up his pants legs should be mercilessly mocked.
    #28 Anyone who tucks his pants into his socks should be mercilessly beaten.

  • ThigWife

    If he would only wear # 6 and # 15…I mean who am I kidding I am still trying to get him to wear v-necks.

  • ThigWife

    #6 and # 15 please babe?

  • KiSsY

    # 29 O….. MY MY!!!!!!!!!<3

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