• teehee

    #24 looks ah-maz-ing!

  • karen

    #22 I don't know what this is but it looks soooo good!

  • chelsea_dagger

    #1 Berry…
    #6 What're you doin'…
    #20 Berry…
    #24 Stahp!

    • doerteee

      hahahaha i love that meme.

    • wasnt me

      And then they put up all those motivation pics with those fit women! go get fit but heres some choc pics to tempt you and make you hungry for it! grrr:/

  • zusie

    I would have everything, please:)

  • elkaz23

    #12 – what is this and how can i make it?

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    Eer muh gerd… you can't do this to me unless you also post all the recipes and links to black market adderall so I have time to make it all AND burn off the calories!!!!!

  • Christie

    I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at this post. Must go home and bake now!

  • Chelsea

    OMG is #24 red velvet ice cream?? I want some!!

    • googleberry

      Yes it IS! and a dark chocolate cone, too. YUM!

    • socalmarti

      I think my mouth just came!!!!

  • Tim

    any one of these are what I like to call an extra hour in the gym.

    • Lyra

      You would? That's pretty creative but I'd go for something with "chocolate" in the title.

  • temujin1234
  • googleberry

    #22 They're called "Triple Bypass Brownies". Whatta name!

  • wasnt me

    Berry youre so cruel!!! How can we get fit when you put up stuff like this and make us crave the bad stuff:'( Total food porn!!!!!

    • kristina

      hahahha food porn. love it

  • sixdeadelves

    Berry, you're like, hey "daily motivation" but then, this post… hmm…

  • amy

    #1 berry, what's this called??? sources pleaseee❤

  • kristina

    how the hell do u make that???

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