• Heather

    So basically if it's tight and/or short it's right, but if you're not a gorgeous woman wearing it, then it's wrong. How superficial.

    • Ari

      No, if you're wearing black lipstick as well as a black outfit then it's not right. Well, at least for not everyday life. Halloween, maybe.

      • hollywood22

        I agree with Heather. The last frame isn't my style (although I am digging those pants), but considering Berry has feature posts on people such as Kim KarTrashian and Jessica Simpleton, who are they to tell people what isn't hot? They've gotten a bit off track lately

        • Ari

          While I don't believe anybody holds the title for most authoritative figure on what's hot or not, I think that most females -and males- do not think wearing all-black make-up is hot.

          • hollywood22

            Just as you stated, you don't hold the title either. Tomato, to-mah-to sweetie. If we were all the same the world would be a pretty boring place. Not your cup of tea? Then move on.

            • Ari

              Who said anything about everyone having to be the same? And where am I moving on to? Because I wasn't the one that complained about this post in the first place.. And don't be condescending. I was just saying that perhaps the author of this post doesn't think wearing black make-up is hot and that most people would agree, judging from the make-up you usually see on women.

              • GTFO

                I think she meant move on from the comment. She seems to have struck a nerve with you, if you don't like something why spend so much time on it???

                • Ari

                  Ahh I see; I read that wrong. And you're right, no need for such a lengthy discussion about black lipstick! Argumentative nature strikes again:/

  • MHLM

    #9 clutch and #17 scarf thing pleease!

  • temujin1234
  • Julia

    Damn, I don't have frog legs… too bad for me !

  • rachel

    I wish there were pictures of thicker girls on the berry. Right isn't only for 5'8 super lean. And the last picture? I think is super cute. I love the berry and have for years..but more and more I feel like these fashion post cater to only a certain crowd.

  • Mari

    so disappointed, many of these outfits have other colors in them.

  • LAskygurl1997

    ohhhhh #8:)

  • Via

    #26 Wow, thanks Berry for making me feel like I have to be a model or an actress in clothes that cost more then my yearly income to look 'right'. You know, there are people out there who like expressing themselves differently and just because we aren't a bunch of hipsters like the trends these days doesn't make us WRONG.

    • Gemma

      I agree!!

  • Mikaela

    A person who dares to look different (#26) and is true to herself and shows what kind of music she might listen to or where she stands in terms of female beauty and does not want to be a fashion victim, is definitely more "right" than #24 or #11 who are just dressing in whatever is fashion. I bet those two couldn't name one song by the Velvet Underground or Iron Maiden or the Sex Pistols, which are bands that influenced that sort of clothing style. I HATE that studs and leather and goth or punk is fashion. For some, it's a part of our life style, it is not fun to see people pay lots of money to look like us and then discard it for another style.

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