• lorna

    #26 can i have the recipe please?

  • Hope

    #24,#36 and #50LOOOL

  • Brooke

    #58 Really? They've been together a year. If they'd met in 1971 I'd be impressed.

  • ashlee

    #57 thank you berry. after crying all day bc i apparently suck at my job and upset my all too wonderful boyfriend. i needed this so much

  • mimi

    #28 ahaha I love store brands sometimes. instead of fishermans friend cough drops i buy Maritimers lozenges

  • KatieOKCCO

    #22 I'm sorry did you say marry you or berry you? either way I will oblige.:)

  • Blair

    #2 I love that hike in the Canyon. Second to the Sunflower trail! Beautiful Canyon! I will go hike with you any day!

  • rocklesson86

    I really like #1 and #6.

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