• temujin1234
  • Steph

    It would be great if you guys would post where we could buy these pumps. Some of them are awesome.

    • googleberry

      Whoever submits the photo to theBerry should send that information! 😀

      But I have done that with everything I submit, and they don't always post it…

  • VC98

    #32 Gorgeous!!!

    • MIKEY


  • VC98

    #11 welcome, may you have many many more

  • nicole

    #2, #12, #18!!! LOVE THEM ALL!

  • Sarah

    #18 are cute. =)

  • dailin

    I need the black pair in #4 where????

  • pam

    GOOGLEBERRY!!! #8 i need these!!!

    • pam

      i mean #9!!! haha

      • Corvin

        They don't seem to be available anymore. But they're by Schutz (love their shoes). Here's the original post as well if you'd like to have a look. http://songofstyle.blogspot.ca/2012/10/polka-dots


        • googleberry

          Thanks, Corvin!

          • Corvin

            No worries hun. We gotta help each other out.:) I see most people relying on you these days rather than having a look themselves.

  • Lorna

    #5 – I love these… I'm unsure of the strap over top of the skinny jeans though…

  • Angie

    Where can I find #8?

  • tiborpickens

    #2 NEED need need!!!

    • googleberry

      I can't find these. They're at least 6 months old, though. I'll look more later tomorrow. 😀

    • googleberry

      I haven't been able to find them…. very pretty shoes, though.

  • jazzberry

    #10 #25 #28 report immediately to MY closet:)

  • socalmarti

    #15 Googleberry please find? Thank you!

  • Tiggerwitch

    Love #1 & #24 – Yes, it would be nice if there would be a source where we could find these shoes, but poor goofleberry does so much… too much to ask her to do it all.

    • googleberry

      Thank you, Tiggerwitch! But most are sent in from Pinterest and most people don't source them…pinning willy-nilly… just kidding….😀 I do try to find what I can. And a lot of people help, too!

    • googleberry

      There isn't any info on #1 that I can find and a quick google term search didn't turn up anything…I'll look a bit more tomorrow, though…If I find them I'll post! 😀

    • googleberry

      #24 Nicholas Kirkwood's "Suno Printed Canvas & Suede Lace-Up Ankle Boots". $1295. whoa…

    • googleberry

      heh…. I just noticed… "goofleberry"… 😀

  • Maddie

    9 and 21, where do i find them?!

  • Maddie

    #9 and #21, where do i find them?!

  • Mikki

    #20 and the whole weíght of the body is pressed onto those little tiny parts of the feet in the front…wonder how good that is for your knees and poor feet:/

    • Steph

      Yeah, I know. My feet look like hell at the end of the day and I'll pay for it one day. But…LOOK AT THESE SHOES! (These aren't mine BTW but I have some similar to them.)

  • skyfireCO

    must find #12 and #25!

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  • B.elle

    #32 made me cringe… Ankles aren't supposed to bend like that!😦
    Really liking #9!

    • googleberry

      #32 Mine do that and it feels really good to me. 😀 Everybody's different, I guess…

  • Big Ten Inch

    Finally! A place to soothe my gorgeous foot fetish, while listening to Gangnam Style of course…

  • ThigWife

    #19 Such a pretty view Wish they were all MINE!!!

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