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  • temujin1234
  • googleberry

    grammar nazi here.
    #8 souring? "soaring"
    #11 no comma AND "slowly"…

    • John80

      Also #8 provides no useful information. So I should eat some carbs, fats, protein and hydrate pre and post run? That's every food. Every food contains either carbs, fats, or protein. Lol. A big mac is rich in carbs, fats, and is high in protein.

      • googleberry

        heh, yes, you're right! I stopped reading after "souring"… :D

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #15 looks like a killer workout! Where is this? Googleberry? :D

  • fgbsgb



    • Bon_nie

      Good effort, although I wonder who he's calling a w*nker! :/ lol.

    • Nertz7

      Looking GREAT! Keep it up!

  • Mary

    #1 ahhhh easier said than done! If it were easy then everyone would be in shape I guess!

    • Charly

      That's all part of the fun ;)

  • Ari

    #8 I don't know.. the sky is pretty nice. I don't want to fill it with my "souring"… :P

    • Mary

      Glad we can all laugh at these silly things :)

  • justlilolme

    Debbie downers today…..maybe ya'll should work out. :)

    • googleberry

      Trying to educate people isn't being a "downer".

  • Draiden

    #16 Dat sweater….

    • Mary


  • Ashley

    #7 …. yummy! MOAR please :D

  • hazel

    good job #10 iim right behind you! 17lbs in 6 weeks! also where can i get a print of #13

  • linztogo

    #10 keep up the good work… it people like you that give me motivation – thank you!!!

    • Angie

      Thanks! :)

  • Chris

    #4 So you won the bet?

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