• temujin1234
    • xoxo

      And wearing old man pants!

  • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #28 Time really did them a service. They are all much more attractive now.

  • lori

    Love #28 their music also got better

    • justlilolme

      I love me some Hanson:)

  • Mary

    #2 I can't remember what Heather Graham was doing in the 80's…was she on a sitcom or something?

    • Keith

      Movies. License to Drive, Drugstore Cowboy… That's all I can come up with right now LOL!

  • TommyB

    #15 Shania STILL fabulous!
    #25 Cindy Time has been kind to you! Still gorgeous!

  • kate

    #6 and #13 just awful

    • Keith

      Really? I think Britney looks fantastic!

    • mrshelderman

      I agree. Britney looks like a crazy person all the time, and Madonna a sack of lumpy skin, weird bones, and veiny oh so veiny.

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #13 Just lost mah lunch! Boak!

    • googleberry

      Then you're that much closer to your "project skinny jeans" goal! 😀

      • mileaftermile


      • projectskinnyjeans2012

        I wish!!!! I had to start over😦 lol

  • Lily

    #20 what a handsome man he became. And so frickin' talented!

  • socalmarti

    #6 #13 and #23 My faves, such strong women!!!!

  • Jules

    #8 His Ramen hair killed me!

    • wreckit

      His skinny girl shoulders kill me now. Boak

  • Elise


  • ZRT6

    #26 has improved SO much with age. Wow.

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