• BerryKT

    Thanks Berry!

  • mean

    #5 lol<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9xpuefo&quot; width="1" height="1" />

    • Brit

      So… even though we might hate our bodies somedays, we're still…. delicious?

      • doerteee

        A lot of people want to eat us?

  • Pat

    #16 you are both awesome!

    • fgbsgb

      That made me tear up a little. thanks for sharing that!!:)

  • Sarah

    I love #5. And while #10 might be true scientifically, it's still ridiculously misleading. Yes, a butt-load of carbs is bad for you. But eating one bagel with cream cheese does not make you fat and keep you fat. Your body needs carbs too.

    • chelsea_dagger

      Yeah, 10 is some serious misinformation.

    • temujin1234

      Very true. Balance of Carbs and other food groups is important.

    • Spencer

      its funny cause eating carbs in the morning is probably the BEST time to eat them. Creating that glucose for the day is much better than eating a lot of carbs at night.

    • April C

      Thank goodness, because I just had a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese!

    • tiborpickens

      The best choice would 1/4 of a whole grain bagel and the eggs. Simple carbs are the bad guy.

    • Bee

      What it's saying is true, a bagel with cream cheese is never the ideal breakfast. Especially the one shown in the picture with a white bagel and cream cheese. Our body doesn't need grains, vegetables have tons of carbohydrates and that is where we get our energy from. Bacon is a bit iffy, cured meats are known carcinogens. I don't think anyone could argue that a bagel is better for you then a fruit and veggie smoothie. And in this picture and egg and bacon are more nutritious then a plain white bagel with cream cheese.

  • socalmarti

    #16 That little girl rocks!!! No sitting around posting dumb duckface pictures for her! Good job on awesome parenting!!!!

  • pearpassion

    Yeah, number 10 is down right oppressive. I love the healthy lifestyle, but damn…"blah blah blah FAT!!!…Fat fat fat blah blah blah FAT!!!! YOU'RE GONNA BE FAAAAAATTTTTT!!!!!" ……..really?

    • Gaaah.

      I think you might have misunderstood the point of #10.

  • temujin1234
  • Ari

    #16 She's 7 years old and she ran a mile? Wow.

  • Mary

    In regards to #10, how about a column for my breakfast of low fat high protein cereal with fruit? Or maybe I should just eat bacon?

    • Jen

      egg whites w/ spinach and hot sauce or plain oatmeal with fresh fruit or plain greek yogurt with fruit and a packet of stevia and maybe some flax seed.

  • Amanda

    This entire post everyday is the point of being healthy. You have to do it every day, #10 is pointing out habitual eating and misconceptions of breakfast foods.

  • justlilolme

    #10 I get the point it's trying to make..in that STOP FEARING fat. It's not the enemy. HOWEVER I believe overall CALORIE intake should be stressed in the real reason why you lose and gain weight, regardless of what you eat. It's all a numbers game. And that's the bottomline

    • John80

      Absolutely right. If you take in more calories than you burn, you gain weight. The opposite is also true. Just use a free calorie counter like livestrong.com/myplate and track what you eat.

    • Cici

      I've dieted for 8 years (counting calories), and it wasn't until I completely overhauled what I eat that I was actually able to lose weight.

      I used to religiously eat between 1400 and 1500 calories, and work out every other day, and I would keep losing and then gaining back the same 5-10 pounds.

      Then I watched Knives over Spoons and cut processed food, most grains, refined carbs, dairy and most meat. I eat more calories now than I did before and work out about the same amount. I finally lost 50 pounds and so far kept it off for 6 months. It is not just about calories in and calories out. Where the calories come from is a huge part.

      • Cici

        However, bacon is another food I don't eat. I've maybe had it 3 times in the past year. When I eat meat, it is lean meat.

  • googleberry

    #4 I got stuck on the word "with." * muttering under breath * Ending a sentence with a preposition…tsk… 😀

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