• Bon_nie

    This looks really cool! How exactly is it done?

  • http://mollymerly.wordpress.com mollymerly

    A lot of these are straight up dyed, and a few of them specifically from this girl who dyes her hair in rainbow colors a lot and posts them on her Flickr.

  • TheTamara

    i wish that i could get away with having fun colored hair at work. stupid adult jobs.😦

    • Lauren

      i know right?😦

    • googleberry

      Would not go over well in ANY corporate meeting.

  • Lana

    ah so wish i could do this…it doesn't work as well on short hair😦

  • Brae

    I remember doing this in high school…..warning though, if you do to much of it, it can destroy your hair, especially those with dark hair, you have to bleach your hair to get the best color.
    I use to love doing this, that being said its more for teenagers, it looks funny on adults.

    • Technician

      I agree for the most part, but there are some colors that look okay on adults too. A little streak here or there is fine… even when it's a crazy color. I put two red streaks in my dark hair once, and everyone at the hospital loved it. It wasn't too over the top but was still fun.:)

  • temujin1234
  • Kelsey

    love this!

  • Emily

    #6 is just photoshopped

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