If we looked alike.. I wouldn’t be mad (20 photos)

Click HERE to see supermodels who have aged gracefully.

  • temujin1234
  • nessipoo

    With a lot of airbrushing and photoshop, you COULD look like them:)

  • ladywithatwist

    At least two South African's in that list! Yes! Representing!:)

    #2 and #7😀

    • chocolate cake

      behati was born and raised in namibia, africa isnt one bug blob you ignorant moron

      • http://stevenbenjamin.weebly.com/ Steven

        Technically true, yes, but she does own a house in Cape Town, is best friends with Candice, and, oh yes, was discovered in a shop in CT as well… many SAfricans & Namibians are related… I don't think she'll mind if we half claim her — just saying.

        • chocolate cake

          so will smith is rumoured to have a house in south africa, oprah has a school are they south african too. She's been living in the states for a while now does that make her American, your logic is flawed. I just dont like the fact that South Africans like to take credit for almost african things (example Princess Charlen born in zimbabwe, the songs lion sleeps tonight and shosholoza do not come from SA either). Yet any time an African enters your country we're told to get out and are harassed. Dont even try to deny it the photos of people getting burnt in 2008 are on the internet sweety. Would it be so bad to let nambians claim her and namibians alone OR would it kill you to be proudly african instead of being so exclusive. Cause last time i checked she hasnt changed her nationality

  • Abbey

    I don't want to look like a Victoria's Secret model because most of them are way too skinny and have no shape to them at all. VS models were way better when Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum were still modeling for them.

  • mel

    #13 and #17 are my favorite! They are both so beautiful and are actually super fit. Look up their VS workouts on YouTube! Their trainer wears an eye patch and shoes with wings on them.. hahaha

  • Tiff

    #18 Kate Upton is so beautiful!! Would love to look like her.

  • justlilolme

    Weird post.

  • sidekickk

    Sorry, but NOT a fan of this post. Berry, this actually made me feel kind of bad about myself😦

  • doerteee

    While most of these women are very pretty, I don't think I want to look like them. That wouldn't work with my personality at ALL. And I'm already weird enough now😀 I'm not 100% happy with the way I look, but it's just minor details that bother me (only when I spend too much time with a mirror)… and when I look at myself, I see ME, and that's a good thing.

  • Mikaela

    What about celebrating YOURSELF and YOUR looks instead of trying to look like someone else, who clearly does not look like this in real life…everyone looks better in b&w or when they are photoshopped. Pathetic.

  • Lisa

    Soooo….all Victoria's Secret models look similar? Color me surprised.

  • tiborpickens

    maybe we can get "if I was as smart or creative as these women i wouldn't be mad" and show that women are much more than our beautiful faces and bodies.

  • Ann

    #15 she's Magda Frackowiak…

  • googleberry

    I know! How about a POST on "smart and creative women." @tiborpickens

  • Angela

    Really berry.. This is supposed to be a site for women.. Yet more and more posts on supermodels and kardashians.. You sure this site isn't being run by men? Very disappointing.

  • Jen

    You couldn't throw a curvy, short girl in there? As a teen girl, my self-esteem is taking some serious hits with how much society emphasizes the tall, skinny, and photoshopped as beautiful. When I first found this site I thought it was an escape from that way of thinking, but recently all i've been seeing is stereotypes in your more recent posts. TheBerry emphasises loving yourself, but when you throw out these types posts, It's confusing and slightly disappointing. Please help change that way of thinking, not enforce it. All it does is lead to depression and eating disorders, two things that I can relate to. I realize that this can come off as overly dramatic, but I believe our society seriously needs to reconstruct it's perception of beauty into something much more healthier and natural and that websites like TheBerry can either fuel that change or slow it down.

  • socalmarti

    AllI could think of while looking at this was, why would I wan't to look like someone else? Maybe I could be a little taller or a little thinner but more tan anything I'm thankful for legs that work, eyes to see, fingers to type….ect., and a brain to realize and actualize this!

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