• PicklesMcGee

    Okay #2 is a cute idea but the layout is confusing and hard to follow (unless I'm just an idiot…):-/

    • doerteee

      Then I'm an idiot too.😦 It is a nice idea, though.

    • hollywood22

      As a graph/chart connoisseur, I'm going to have to agree. This layout sucks!

  • carm

    Can the berry ladies help me out with something?? I saw an episode of Friends where Rachael was wearing these leather winter gloves. They were black and the spaces between the fingers were dark pink. I have been searching for gloves this this for YEARS!! Can someone help me find them? PLEASE?!

  • Kristin

    #23…DAMN! Must make one hell of a salary teaching to afford those brands/Tiffany jewelry etc. Where do you work? I must know so that I can snag that killer salary.

    • carm

      My thoughts exactly! Even bracelet charms at Tiffany are like $150, right?

    • cvmerritt

      Move to Canada!

  • temujin1234
  • Lauren

    #27 is sooo true. I wish I would've seen this when I was younger. I'm 24 now. Wow that's been such a long time ago.

  • Lisa

    #16 That cake is beautiful!!!

  • Erin

    #14 These are so cool, but I cannot for the life of me get them to work.😦

    • Sammie

      It's really hard to do the first like 5 times but I can throw one up in a min now.:) just keep at it!

  • hollywood22

    #27, posting on Facebook. Showing my 14 year old cousin. The now 18+ girls I use to babysit. Possibly posting it around random junior highs/high schools in my area. This is absolute greatness

  • dreagee

    #27 ok maybe its just me but the first thing on the list I disagree with. I believe I have found my prince but he's not exactly the regular kind of prince. It works and I think its because I listened to number 2 & 6 on the list. (we have been together since high school) I guess what I am trying to say is that your prince will not come just like they do in disney movies. Just be happy with someone. Anyways, most of the others are pretty good advice.

  • http://hes.missouri.edu/documents/alumni/vanguard_2011.pdf Lindsay

    #2!! You should (almost) NEVER THROW AWAY used clothing! Textile recycling does exist; and it's easier than you think!:) Even cleaned underwear can be donated to Goodwill etc. All non-sellable goods are then sold to "rag dealers" who take the clothing to sorting facilities. Items in decent shape get sent to 3rd world countries to assorted charities. Other items are shredded, bleached and spun into new yarns! Seriously! You shouldn't throw away clothing as it can be 100% recycled!

    Pg. 19- http://hes.missouri.edu/documents/alumni/vanguard

  • Kaitlyn

    I agree! I'm 26 and I def needed this then.. LOL.. But that's ok I think I turned out ok and realized stuff on my own =).

  • misty

    Amen! @ #21 LOL

  • Ronn!e

    #21 YES!!!!!❤

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