• nessipoo

    #2 Makes me angry … like they dont have enough on their plates, worrying abut children with actual abusive families, someone wants them to waste their time on crap like this?? Grrrrrrrr

    • VC98

      I agree with you…way to go tying up those resources

    • thaomeow

      Yeah, my parents got my ears pierced when I was a baby and I'm actually glad they did because I know I wouldn't get my ears pierced now. I'm scared to death of needles.

    • Jen

      some of these posts are just getting WEIRD.

    • rae

      it is a cultural thing this person needs to get over them self. I agree totally misusing the resources, for that one call there is a childe getting beaten or locked in a room for no reason. ugh

      • fin

        I think it's absurd piercing the ears of tiny children when they have no say in it. But not as absurd as reporting it to child services. Seriously.

    • Katie

      I actually used to work at Claires and Icing. I hated piercing babies. Though, I understood the cultural part for some people. I did have one dad that was sorta abusive about it with his daughter though…

    • Julie

      As a former Children's Protective Services worker, I would hope that your call would be screened out & not investigated.

  • temujin1234
  • Charchar469

    i agree #2 is an asshole. you should do the same thing for people that get their son's circumsized, not like it's the parents decision or anything.

    • Ash

      I agree, I get critized for not having my son circumsized…

      • DRD

        Why does anyone know?

    • Keith

      I think women have about as much right to complain about circumcision as men do to complain about abortion. As a circumcised man, I can say that it is not traumatic, and I don't remember it, and I'm not about to accuse my parents of "abuse" for it. As a gay man, I can also say that I have not met a single circumcised male who has any complaints about it. The trend is heading toward not circumcising boys, and there's nothing wrong with that, but people who say that circumcision is "child abuse" are ridiculous.

      • Dee

        Well said sir.

  • nsj

    Post secret should be followed with an inspiring thread. jesus.

  • April C

    #10 Dude…some dogs have food allergies. Don't do that.

    • Becky

      On one hand, you're absolutely right. There are all kinds of allergenic additives in lunchmeat. On the other hand, there's no such thing as a vegan dog. They can't digest cellulose, they need meat in their diet. If anything, she should be feeding the dog chunks of unprocessed meat. Poor dog!

      • Sora

        I am not a vegetarian at all, but my pug was. He was allergic to chicken, turkey, beef, pork, duck, salmon, and every other meat we tried to feed him, so the vet ended up suggesting an all-vegetarian diet. (Yes! They actually make vegetarian dog food! It costs an arm and a leg, but there you go.) Anytime he ate anything else, he'd end up breaking out in a horrible rash. Please don't sneak treats to pets if you don't know their medical history.

    • Nikki

      God I know! My god is on an all meat diet! One price of carbs and he has a seizure and could die!!

  • Technician

    #7 I feel for this one. I get the pity stuff all the time when people find out about my daughter. My daughter is awesome and sweet and loving and no one takes the time to get to know HER because they are too busy feeling sorry for us.😦

    • Plutonash

      #7 My son was recently diagnosed as being "On Spectrum" he's happy, active and a pure joy! When people say that they're sorry for us, it makes me want to scream! He's AWESOME just as he is!!
      Welcome to Holland!!

      • rae

        I agree "on the spectrum" is not a bad thing the child will have more wonder to give in a different way. i tell my daughter if we were all the same what a drab and boring word we would live in. She has a new friend that is Autistic, and loves the fact that they "talk in pictures" .

      • Lisa

        Exactly. For those who don't recognize the "Holland" reference…google "Welcome to Holland by Emily Perl Kingsley".

        My youngest actually has Aspergers…yeah I lol'ed at #3…it's not funny…but it is. She just doesn't "get" people and her areas of intense interest are…unusual…but she's still just as awesome as my other daughter who is "normal". :)

        To me parenting a child with anything unusual, be it epilepsy or autism or any of the other truly difficult medical things is more like a trip to Australia.

        Things are much different than where I travel with my older girl. The flight takes longer. The animals are bizarre. The water flushes the opposite direction. She speaks my language, but it sounded strange and she had these phrases that I didn't understand. But she's still absolutely awesome and I am so glad my itinerary was changed. :)

    • Bobby

      Maybe people are not pitying you. Maybe they don't know what to say and are trying to be supportive and say something they think is nice. Would you prefer they congratulate you or give you a blank stare? People get uncomfortable. Cut them some slack.

      • glass houser

        Amen Bobby. on the spectrum? Jeeez, try having a kid who's on the far end of that spectrum. He doesn't talk, doesn't look at anyone, craps his pants regularly at age 14, screams, yells, kicks, climbs on the counters, gets out of the locked house at all hours, floods the house, it is a nightmare. So I will take those "I'm sorrys". Frankly, I don't think your kid is as bad as some others if it's not a "death sentence." So, stfu already you whiner.

        • DRD

          One of my best friends has a sister who is autistic, who at age 30 but is still like that and will be for the rest of her life.

  • Emily

    #1 is legit! YOU are awesome!

    • MissVega84

      I know that feel bro

  • Lyn

    #4. Thank you, from a family member of someone deployed. It's hard on us for you to be gone, but we have to remember that it's harder for you.

    • JamesNaughton77

      LOL the Loser reads Potter. DORK

  • Lorna

    #10 – I wonder if this is a hipster dog-owner, or if the dog has allergies, or if this is just becoming a "thing"… If it's anything but allergies, it's WRONG. Dogs are carnivores.

  • Baxpin


    These are not the kind of people that you need to surround yourself with.

    • FONZIE

      This pisses me off. I was in a Fraternity in college and the two local sororities were half-full with shallow self-absorbed girls. We never invited them to come to our weekly parties. They walked in like they owned the place since our boy-to-girl ratio at college was 6 to 1.

    • DRD

      Since when have any frats/sororities been worth it? Paid friends? Ha!

      My college had a culture that was against the whole 'greek' thing. It was great.

  • Littlet

    I love these; favorite posts on Friday.

  • justlilolme

    #8 They're not pretty either…I wonder if they realize that. What an ugly way to treat people and view life.

  • Alisha

    Does anybody on here actually go to the Post Secret site? It is updated on Sundays!

    • Lisa

      I do, and I own all the books! It's such a lovely site. :)

  • doerteee

    i do #9 too

  • Lisa

    #5 I love this so much.

    • tiborpickens

      tru dat

  • Whitney

    #2, your the worst kind of person…
    You are crying wolf on these parents.. when there are children actually being abused out there..

  • berrylovah

    #8 YOU are better than those bitches. They will one day be the suburban house wives with cheating husbands crying themselves to sleep every night and eating prescription pain killers like candy. And that, my friend, is not a judgement on sorority girls, I knew some really great sorority girls. It's calling out any asshat that judges worth by looks.

    • ShaHiROHara

      I was a sorority girl and my sisters and I would have NEVER done anything so ugly…I wish you could have been a part of our group but since you weren't I want to say on behalf of all of us, you are AMAZING and those other bitches WILL end up miserable and pathetic. You are better than they ever will be…now go out there and SHINE! ♥♥♥

  • postitup

    #4 You're in the military and you're reading effin' Harry Potter books? God help our country if it's being guarded by babies that read about dorks riding around on BROOMS.

    • katastrophe89

      I think you're the immature one if you make fun of someone for reading books. And just because its a fantasy fiction series and not a murder mystery or historical biography does not mean its for babies.

      • DRD

        #1 *IS* meant for "babies."

        The criticism I have for this one isn't that it's Harry Potter, but how bad much his/her life suck that Harry Potter is the only getting him/her through deployment?

        • DRD

          That's 1 meaning Harry Potter 1, not the first pic.

          • Gypsy618

            If someone is risking their lives defending this country, who in the hell are you or anyone else to judge them on whatever they read or any of their interests at all. What a smug reply.

  • LornaDooneLvr.

    #7 I could have used those "i"m sorrys" or "prayers". I have two autistic kids and I am at my wits end. Just wait….. just wait.

  • katastrophe89

    #5 resonated with me.

  • Faraday

    #1 YES!

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