• Rachel

    #22 if i was the dog, would not let go if that was my owner.

  • Lisa

    #16 YOU! On the right, with the lederhosen! COME TO CANADA, NOW PLEASE. Thanks! (seriously though, you fiiiiiiine.)

  • Kim

    #12 Chocolate dice? Awesome!

  • Suzanah

    #20 Love Lake Tahoe! So peaceful and just perfect!!

  • MoMeRob

    #27 yes.

  • McKinley

    #3 Where would I find something like this online?!

    • googleberry

      The pic was taken in Morocco. That's all I have so far.

    • googleberry

      I'm assuming you mean the room dividers. If you mean the rugs I can probably find something similar. I'm not having any luck finding a similar for the room dividers. They were probably made by locals by slitting fabric up the middle and sewing trim on them. My ex was from Morocco and I saw lots of this…😀

  • Elise

    #31 y.u.m.
    #33 oh Mr. Darcy *le sigh

  • Lynaa

    #20 Oh, that's where I honeymooned…too bad he's a lying bastard and I divorced him. But, aw…Lake Tahoe, a lovely place aside from my bitterness.😉

  • mmoossee

    #33 LOVE Colin Firth!!!

  • Angie

    #32 its called a bubbler where im from:)

  • CinematicHeart

    #39 MORE!!!!

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