3… 2… 1… D-bags! (21 photos)


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  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #16 Is his beard sharpied?

    • Kitkatkate85

      Lol I was wondering the same thing!!!!

  • nattyann

    #7 I don't think lower back tattoos are douche-baggery. Maybe showing them off in a synchronized-swimming fashion for a picture might be.

  • katie

    #20 is super cute! Love!

  • Charly

    So… Being really fit and having awful fashion style makes ridicule ok? But being fat and making pathetic excuses for not getting the least bit fit is just fine?

  • AJ :D

    #14 is wearing a rosary as a necklace. I mean, REALLY.

  • Daydee

    #7 isnt D-Bag… just white trash…

  • guest

    #5, #8
    Double douche…same guy.

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