• temujin1234
  • mrshelderman

    #13 please report to my closet immediately. I would like to wear you and dance around in a field of wildflowers.:)

    • Becky

      Put on some Florence + the Machine, and I'll join you.

  • PicklesMcGee

    OoOooh #3 is gorgeous.

  • Tx State Chivette


    • verdant_waves

      I think the only way that could be better would be if the sleeves went further down. But then, I don't really like t-shirt length sleeves on dresses, so that's just my weird personal preference. I LOVE the colors and the bottom of the dress, though!

  • Alejandra Kuhn

    I have #2 in black and pink!!❤

    And #16 in leopard and black.:)

  • erika

    #8 I NEED that in my life.

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