• RichVee

    #18 All day, every day. I showed this to my husband and he agrees.

  • http://collegecandy.com/2012/11/09/jean-flip-flops/ Jean Flip Flops, Would You Wear This Sh*t? [Candy Dish] : CollegeCandy – Life, Love & Style For The College Girl

    […] I’m not sure I could pull off wearing pants on my feet. My feet are already pretty stubby and too small for my thunder thighs, I don’t think I need to accentuate them with these strange ass flip flops. Be sure, these things will attract a wider audience than your normal attire. They’re sort of a good idea, sort of crafty. As Nina Garcia on Project Runway, “They don’t look ex-PEN-sive.” I am not a fashion snob, I have been known to shop at my resident “ghetto store.” I am sure the right girl can pull these off, she is just not me. Would you wear this shit? […]

  • dollybakerton

    #28 YUM .. what a handsome fella

  • how about no

    #1 – Sorry but those are just fugly

  • KatieOKCCO

    #40 HMOTBath tee he he

  • Buddy

    #30 I love it

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