• Candy

    #5 I usually try not to judge people–especially complete strangers. But….why? Buy the fruit or dont. Just stop stealing.

    • anonymous

      I sometimes put a code in for a lesser-priced fruit.

  • MontanaGirl76

    Please don't be afraid. I went to Scotland backpacking by myself for 2 weeks it was AMAZING. Best vacation I ever had and I called the shots. I also did Calcutta, India alone. It showe me just how strong I could be and have me new appreciation for the simple kindness of others around the globe. Jump in do it you won't regret it!

    • ReeBee

      you're a badass!

      • http://twitter.com/If_you_ask @If_you_ask

        I meant to hit thumbs up cause I agree that she is an amazing bad ass… But I hit the thumbs down button accidentally 😦 sorry

      • MontanaGirl76

        No badass here. Lol. Just enjoy living!

    • xoxo

      Absolutely! It's great to travel alone. You dont have to wait on other people. You can do exactly what you want. When you travel alone you're more apt to meet people you wouldn't normally meet if you had a friend or a group with you.

      • MontanaGirl76

        Agreed. It's truly amazing.

  • temujin1234
  • Chubby

    #2 Growing up: To make decisions all by yourself:)

  • katastrophe89

    #11 that's terrible, I'm sorry someone said that to you…

  • VC98

    #9 so do I lol

    • VC98

      They DO have creams for that and not everyone has a serious medical condition, I have lil hairs I tweeze myself. Its a matter of choice.

  • Lucas



    • Surreyberry

      I'm sorry I don't get this on can Someone explain pls

      • foo

        trimming the pubic area is so overrated!

        • bamboo

          i think she's referring to not shaving her legs (not the other area) by the look of the photo

      • Jables

        i think this is to do with the social opinion whereby women must have smooth legs, shaved armpits and unnoticeable facial hair (the other region is debatable)… this particular woman must have thought that if he didn't notice or care about her shaving habits then he must have strong feelings towards her… or at least that's what i got from this…:)

        • DRD

          Or, it has more to do with the whole prickly, scratchy feeling than the looks.

          • Jables

            could be, the drawn on leg hairs do look prickly but that could have just been the way she drew them… either way it seems a silly thing to consider in deciding whether a guy likes you or not but maybe she was judged in previous relationships : … I am not much of a 'girly girl' myself and when I do wear dresses and/ or skirts I have my thick opaque tights on so my legs go many weeks before I can be bothered to shave them and no guy i've been with has seemed bothered but each to their own😛 … hmm, you probably wouldn't get a guy saying the same thing about a woman and his facial hair😛 xx

    • xoxo

      Oooh a week, that's sooooo long! I only shave my legs once every week or two. It's not that big of a deal. Perhaps you found a mature man who doesn't expect "perfection" constantly.

  • socalmarti

    #11 This was my last relationship, I stayed for 5yrs. and I HAD to be buzzed to be around him. He was a self-absorbed work-aholic, I stayed because he helped me through very difficult financial times. I guess we all have our reasons.

  • Sassy&Classy

    #11 I can relate to this.

    • anne

      Me too!

  • Ronn!e

    #8 me too

  • justlilolme

    #11 SAME. It's scary what you can allow yourself to put up with and turn into. NEVER AGAIN😀

  • Technician

    #2 um… just move out. ?

  • Technician

    #9 A friend of mine had a condition that caused her to grow hair on her face (mostly around her chin and near her ears)… you're heart would sink if you'd heard some of the things people would say to her. It was awful. There was very little she could do about it. She tried electrolysis, but it just grew back. People can be much more cruel than needed sometimes. After visiting an A plus dermatologist and going through some serious procedures, she's finally gotten it under control. She was beautiful before and she's beautiful now… I'm just glad that now, she can FEEL beautiful too.

    • Megan

      Your heart*

  • JenPen

    #7 & #9 If you are judging so harshly…I don't think these are your secrets.

  • amierose86

    we're rooting for you! #1

    • DRD

      Why? Do you not see how creepy this is?

  • Reallyshouldn'tjudge

    I cancelled a night out and got myself a pizza (daily motivation get out of my head!), a glass of delicious red wine and am feeling a little shitty because my friends would be insulted to know I spent the time on The Berry instead! Still, I'm going to comment on these:
    #2 my dear, maybe you should just enjoy! For all you know your mother is hoping you will move out soon and so wants to give you a 'last' party to remember!
    #5 you piss me off. Because of people like you the rest of us pay very high prices for little luxuries we work very hard to afford. Sorry to judge you. But its just not fair.
    #8 Go! I promise you, you will regret not doing it. Stay safe!
    #11 Please accept my virtual hug. I wish you happiness with someone you don't have to drink nice.
    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  • nattyann

    #1 and #7 me too…to both unfortunately.

  • KCC

    #8 I feel the same way. But then I thought, "fuck it", and am leaving my comfort zone to study abroad for 6 weeks in Florence next summer. I really feel like that was a great decision and it will end up being one of the best times of my life. Don't be afraid.

    • ShaHiROHara

      I studied in Florence for a semester as well…I was terrified to go and had thoughts about backing out but my best friend (now husband) told me I would regret it forever if I didn't go and he was right…It was one of the greatest things I have ever experienced and I will cherish every single person I met for the rest of my life….You are much braver and capable than you even realize…♥

  • DRD

    #1 = stalker

  • CJW'sgirl

    #11 Wow was like a slap in the face. a 17 tear marriage. Over for sevn now and sober still. Three great kids out of it.

    • CJW'sgirl

      Apparently stunned me out of being able to type. A 17 year marriage. Sober for seven years now.

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