• temujin1234

    Looks like you can do a lot with a plain old bench.<img src="http://tinyurl.com/9cfz46d&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Bee

    The way I look at this: it's like putting a mug on it's side. Art!! No it's pointless and useless.

    • Bobby

      You're pointless and useless!

      • Bee

        I hope you're joking, that my opinion of "art" would make me a waste of human life. If I am pointless I have no reason to live. You sir are rude and I would never say something as mean as that to you. Or the thumbs up, Berries? Really, thanks. This blog is getting catty

    • loserxresol

      putting a mug on its side makes the tea spill. These you can climb and slide on. I don't know if I would say. "My gosh, its art!" but making something boring interactive deserves some kudos.

  • Sarah

    There was an art park in Indiana I visited while in the state. They had benches sort of like this, but they all flowed into the ground. The idea was that it was all one bench that traveled underground and every so often popped out above ground. Kind of a cool concept. And the benches were fun to try to conquer, haha.

    • Ruth

      That's also one of his works, the bench around the lake. i actually love his public projects too He's trying to bring people together for a while

      • mrshelderman

        That is a great point. These benches make people stop and talk to each other for a minute.

  • Brenda19

    Where are these benches??:)

  • kat

    #3 I had to scroll back up because I thought the girl on the left was Pippa Middleton…

  • Lisa

    #17 This one is actually super cool!!

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